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Exercise and well-being have always been a vital part of life, and fortunately, today, people have adopted healthier habits and value physical activity much more. With the rise of social media and the influence of the fitness lifestyle, everyone wants to get in shape and nourish themselves better. This is why the fitness coach extra job is a great option.

If you are a health and wellness-conscious person, love to exercise and have reached your goals in the gym, then we show you how you can make money doing what you like and helping people achieve the same as you. Pay attention and become a fitness coach!

What does a fitness coach do?


A fitness coach is a person who is in charge of guiding people who want to change their lifestyle for a healthier one, either with exercise or diet. To do this, they create an exercise scheme accompanied by a nutritionist’s dietary plan. Coaches can also be in charge of guiding exercise routines and accompanying their clients as required.

Coaches are usually people who take a course or workshop to understand better the aspects of human well-being, and many of them are certified nutritionists this gives them greater credibility and property to help their customers.

What do you need to be a fitness coach?


To be a fitness coach, you need to have a healthy lifestyle, with which you have achieved your goals in the gym and you have a great improvement in your health and physical condition. Apart from this, you should take at least one course or workshop on the basic topics handled by coaches, such as how each type of exercise works for muscle groups, recommended amounts, and the importance of balanced eating.

Studying this is very important to have a basis in the practices you promote since you will be working on the human body, which is very delicate and can become unbalanced with inappropriate practices. Choaches need to know well what they do so they don’t harm their customers.

If you are a certified nutritionist, becoming a fitness coach will be much easier since you can master everything you need to know about food and nutrition. You will also be able to provide a specific and calculated diet for each of your customers, based on their specific needs, that helps them achieve their objectives.

Apart from your skills as a fitness coach, it is also important that you consider a business plan that you can carry out, you must project the type of plans that you will offer, how you will train people (in person or remotely), and you must know how much to invest for this business to grow. Although it’s an extra job, you can still make it a little better if you put in a little more effort.

How to become a fitness coach?


How to become a fitness coachTo become a fitness coach the ideal is to take a course or workshop to specialize in these topics before starting. Remember that not everything that worked for you will work for other people. You must understand this before being a fitness coach.

If you’ve already earned your fitness coach certificate, then you can start promoting your services in the following ways:

  • Create an Instagram profile where you advertise your services. It will help you reach different audiences who need your help. In this profile, you can share exercise and nutrition tips, and at the same time, you can offer your training service, both remotely and face-to-face, if customers are in the same city as you.
  • Access online platforms to offer your services. Extra job pages like Fiverr can work for this purpose. Here you can post your fitness coach ad and direct customers to your Instagram page, so you will have a better chance of getting customers.
  • Work for a local gym. Many gyms hire fitness coaches to train their clients and, in some cases, allow part-time or even freelance schedules. So you can contact one of the gyms in your area and work in your spare time.

Schedule and earnings expectations


The schedule of fitness coaches depends a lot on the type of services they offer and the number of hours they are willing to work. If you dedicate yourself to fitness coaching, you can likely organize your schedule as you wish so that it does not interfere with your regular work. You will be able to plan training appointments with your clients on certain days of the week, for a couple of hours, which can make you earn money, but which does not represent the same pressure of a fixed job. You can also choose whether you will be coaching personally or remotely.

As for the earnings of a fitness coach, they depend on the number of hours you work and the clients you train, but by the general measure, fitness coaches can earn around €1,000 per month. If you do enough workouts per month you can get this income or even more. It all depends on how hard you work and what your hourly rate is!

Are you ready to be a fitness coach yet?

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