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First Step

Generating extra income with two methods:

  • Do a sporadic job, not a fixed job. With the characteristics, we mentioned in the video (convenient, that allows you to accept or reject services, enjoyable/fun/exciting and if possible, highly paid). This way you will generate extra income that will allow you to treat yourself and save at the same time, if you want to do so, to advance faster in saving.
  • Sell everything you don’t use, through internet platforms or specialized stores. You can allocate this income to your savings. As it is a finite option, it has a limit and will work as a first step to start saving quickly and effectively.

In our blog, you will find sections dedicated to selling articles and extra jobs, where you can consult ideas, proposals and links convenient for you to start your path and generate extra income.

Second Step

Move your savings to small investments and diversified operations, without the minimum required capital to invest. This way, you will put the money you have saved to work.

Do not forget to diversify to reduce the risk of investment.

In our blog, we offer you sections dedicated to investment, where you will find the different types of investments, both for beginners and experts, and tips to start generating passive income.

Your Final Goal Make Money Fast

You will create 3 financial circuits:

  1. Stable work: for your personal life and your regular expenses.

  2. Extra income: to fulfil your whims. After all, this is quality of life. This does not mean that you cannot afford whims and at the same time generate savings for investments, BUT do not try to allocate it only to save and repress yourself because you will generate a rebound effect.

  3. Passive income: from investments made with savings. These revenues must be fed back. They are the key to your financial independence. So do not use them more than to grow your money until you can get enough passive income to make other decisions such as quitting your job, if it does not make you happy, or if it no longer means an essential contribution to your finances.
Passive income for women

Extra Jobs

Enter our Blog “Extra Jobs” to find relevant information about extra jobs to find the one best suits you

This will be the first capital you will use to fulfil your whims and to invest

Let’s get honest about our money problems

Struggling to budget and manage finances is common — but talking honestly and openly about it isn’t. Why do we hide our problems around money? In this thoughtful, personal talk, author Tammy Lally encourages us to break free of “money shame” and shows us how to stop equating our bank accounts with our self-worth.

This talk was presented to a local audience at TEDxOrlando, an independent event.

Learn more about Money Detox by Tammy Lally, her book released in September 2018. All proceeds from the book of sale will be donated to suicide prevention.

6 ways to improve your relationship with money

Taking control of our personal finances can feel overwhelming — but it doesn’t have to be. Thasunda Duckett shares how to minimize shame around money and start having honest conversations about how to save.

Thasunda Duckett is the Chief Executive Officer of Chase Consumer Banking.

The Way We Work

The Way We Work is an original video series where leaders and thinkers offer practical wisdom and insight into how we can adapt and thrive amid changing workplace conventions.

passive income

Your sales as way to make money

Enter our Blog “Your Sales” to find relevant information on how to sell the things you no longer use, and thus get money.

This will be the first capital you will use to invest.

The true cost of financial dependence

Giving up control of your finances — voluntarily or otherwise — can leave you powerless and, in some cases, confined to a cycle of abuse. In this personal talk, accountant Estelle Gibson shares her own story of recovering from financial dependence and provides actionable advice to empower others who desire the freedom that comes with being responsible for your own money.

This talk was presented to a local audience at TEDxDayton, an independent event

3 rules for better work-life balance

Have you answered a work email during an important family event? Or taken a call from your boss while on vacation? According to behavioral scientist and Harvard Business School professor Ashley Whillans, “always-on” work culture is not only ruining our personal well-being — but our work, as well. She shares which bad habits are stopping us from getting what we need out of our free time and three practical steps for setting boundaries that stick.
Measuring what makes life worthwhile

When the dotcom bubble burst, hotelier Chip Conley went in search of a business model based on happiness. In an old friendship with an employee and in the wisdom of a Buddhist king, he learned that success comes from what you count.
How to earn extra income

Investment as way to make money

Enter our blog “Investment” to find relevant information on ideas of where to invest your savings

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