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Sound and music are elements that are very present in our daily lives; the reality is that behind there are people dedicated to making them sound harmonious and the best possible. Those that are audio engineer or music engineers are in charge of this.

If you’re an audio engineer or you’ve learned how to edit audio, we want to show you how you can make extra money by doing the activity you like. Don’t miss it!

What does an audio engineer do?


Audio engineers are professionals dedicated to sound processing using digital programs to enhance it, add effects, and increase its quality. Audio engineers can work with many types of sound, but they commonly perform music mixes, movie mixes, TV series, commercials, or video games. They can also work in recording music and voice actors’ performances and dubbing.

These people usually pursue a college degree or at least a diploma course to master these techniques. Audio processing is specialized, but if you take some time to study, it is easy to learn and practice. It all depends on how well an engineer prepares himself, or what types of audio he does.

What do you need to be an audio engineer?


To be an audio engineer you will need to take at least one short course or workshop to learn the disciplines required by this practice. Once you learn enough, you’ll need to practice a little bit by doing different audio edits and working with different types of edits.

After learning the techniques of audio engineering, you will need to have two essential things, a high-performance computer to do your job, and an audio editing software, there are different alternatives of software for this purpose, but the most used worldwide is Protools an audio program that allows you to record and modify the tracks with a variety of tools which adapt to the needs of the different tasks that an audio engineer performs.

Getting good audio editing software is paramount to be able to do your job, most software is paid, but it is a great investment to be able to use it for many years. Just find out which one suits you best and which one fits your computer.

How to become a freelance audio engineer?


To do this side hustle, the first thing is to be sure that you have enough knowledge, a computer, and audio editing software. Now that you’re ready, you can get a job as a freelance audio engineer on any of the various extra work websites, such as Fiverr, Upwork or Freelancer.

These platforms are designed to create your professional profile, detailing your experience and the digital tools you manage to perform your work. You’ll also be able to add your hourly payout rate, and once your profile is ready, you can start applying to the different job openings that employers offer. They usually look for engineers for short projects, so this can be very convenient for you.

Some extra work platforms allow you to create a listing where you can offer your services to different employers who require it so they will contact you, and you can start accepting their projects.

Schedule and earnings expectations


The schedule of a freelance audio engineer is quite flexible since it is a free work modality in which you choose the projects you will carry out, so you can combine it with any other job you have, and it will not affect you at all. You can work a few hours a week after your regular workday or even on weekends. It’s all up to you!

When it comes to the profits, it all depends on how many projects you do or how many hours a week you work, but usually, a freelance audio engineer can make around €20 to €40 per hour. It is enough for you to start saving, making extra money and investing for your quality of life.

Ready to become a freelance audio engineer?

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