Personal Shopper: Earn money going shopping

Who hasn’t dreamed of doing what they love and getting money because of it? Well, if you’re a shopping fan and you love big fashion houses, it’s your chance to make this dream come true that no longer sounds so crazy, and you can achieve it by being a personal shopper.

At Extra Incomes, we want to show you an amazing option so you can earn extra income every month, with flexible hours and the support of an agency that has your back at all times. For this reason, we have created a webinar with The Personal Shopper Agency, so you can participate and explore more closely this extra job.

We’ll show you all the details you need to know about the personal shopper job, so you can find out that you can earn extra income just by shopping. Don’t miss out!

What does it consist of?


The personal shopper job consists of visiting large luxury stores to purchase exclusive products for customers. This is done according to the instructions of the agency, who receives orders from customers and their specifications.

After making the purchase using the company card, shoppers prepare the product for shipment through national or international courier companies. As simple as that!

This means that it is a dynamic, fun, and simple job that you can do in your spare time or when it suits you, so you can combine it with other work activities or with your day-to-day life.

This extra job is designed for women like you, who seek to earn extra income without having to change their lifestyle, and without facing any impediments. It’s designed for you to learn, have fun and earn money! All at your own pace!

Great advantages and opportunities


All of The Personal Shopper Agency’s shoppers can testify that this job has brought them great advantages, including the opportunity to earn money in their spare time with an entertaining activity, but apart from that, it has also provided them with learning about the big fashion houses and their exclusive items, allowing them to be immersed in the fashion world they enjoy.

In addition, this job offers an opportunity for growth, which means that The Personal Shopper Agency can promote their personal shoppers so that they become team leaders, thus obtaining greater profits, benefits, and recognition.

The ideal profile


While there are not too many limiting requirements to become a Personal Shopper Agency’s shopper, there are some more ideal profiles than others to be part of this team, and these will be taken into account in choosing the perfect candidates for the position. Here are some of the features sought in the applicants for personal shopper:

  • Women between 45 and 65 years of age.
  • Resident in the big European cities.
  • Bilingual or with high knowledge of the English language.
  • With previous knowledge of the world of fashion and trends (non-limiting).
  • Good presence and style when dressing.
  • Communication skills and good social treatment.

If you have some or all of these requirements, you are one of the ideal candidates to access our Personal Shopper Agency Webinar, and all of these elements will be taken into account for you to move on to the selection process, and access the position of The Personal Shopper Agency’s shopper, where you will gain great opportunities and profits.

Webinar: Personal Shopper


In order to train and inform the applicants for the position of personal shopper, Extra Incomes and The Personal Shopper Agency come together to provide you with a webinar that you cannot miss, where you will have a complete explanation and will be able to learn more in-depth what it takes to perform an impeccable job.

The seminar will explain the operation of the personal shopper position, as well as every detail of the purchase process, the great luxury brands, communication with shop assistants, and what is needed to build a VIP profile step by step. In addition, more details will be given about the remuneration process and the commissions that you can obtain for the purchase of exclusive items you make. So you’ll be ready and able to take a look at every aspect before you opt for an interview.

After obtaining the necessary training, The Personal Shopper Agency will choose a defined number of the participants of the Webinar to move on to the selection process, taking into account their profile and willingness to carry out this work.

The Personal Shopper Agency seminar will be held every 2 months and will accept a limited number of participants each time it is broadcast, so if you feel that this job fits you and want to start earning extra money shopping in your spare time, we invite you to enter our Webinar immediately, numbers are limited, and only the best candidates will be chosen to be part of the team. Sign up now and take advantage of this unique opportunity!

Click here to fill in the form with your data and set aside your quota. We will contact you immediately with confirmation of participation in the seminar.

If you want to learn about the benefits of becoming a personal shopper, Click here and don’t miss out.

Have fun and generate extra income as a personal shopper!

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