Top 5 investments you can make today

The investment world is a diverse and changing space, and it’s evident that over time some investments become relevant and others decay, and that’s why you must stay informed and understand the importance of each option before investing your money in something profitable.

The certain thing is that nowadays some markets exist which you can enter to construct a long term investment, and to get enough income as time passes. Below we present to you the top 5 investments you can make today to earn significant long-term income.

  1. Real estate
  2. Cryptocurrency
  3. Individual actions
  4. Personal knowledge and projects
  5. Investment in luxury accessories

1. Real estate

Passive income

Properties have always been a good starting point to start investing in something big enough for the future. The real estate market is one of the preferred ones to invest in and continues to remain relevant over time, so it’s a safe bet if you want to seize your money.

If you decide to invest in the real estate market you must keep in mind that you need the time and energy to be an owner, and take the responsibility that it entails. You will also need to get good tenants who are willing to pay rent, and who will help you pay for the property over the next 30 years.

If owning is not in your interests for now, experts promote other options such as investing in real estate asset action groups, so you can make a profit without having to manage properties and worry about common problems.

By investing in real estate asset action groups, you will have a low-risk investment and an attractive compensation in your favor, because at the end of the year the dividends are distributed consistently and equitably.

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2. Cryptocurrency

Passive income

Although many of the experts do not consider cryptocurrencies to be a long-term safe investment, there is no doubt that this form of investment has gained importance in recent years, and its use has expanded with the arrival of new people to the concept of investments.

Investing in cryptocurrencies is a great option for those investors who have a good risk tolerance and know how to handle them; and it’s a good bet if you invest small amounts of money at a time instead of large sums.

So investors who want to obtain long-term wealth through cryptocurrencies, must properly inform themselves and consider all their possibilities before starting to invest. It’s also advisable to turn to experts or join an investment trust group, to gain exposure to Bitcoins through their traditional and stable investment structure.

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3. Individual actions

Easy ways to make money

Individual actions are another good strategy to invest in companies which you share views with and that resemble your personal style, so you will not only be helping these entrepreneurs, but you will also get good compensation for your investment.

However, when investing in individual stocks you should keep in mind that there are certain risks of volatility of securities over time, that’s why you have to make peace with this situation, be open to market crash and accept the probability that it will not always be a rising line, but with the right discipline you will be able to make a good profit in the long term.

Another good option in case of investing in individual actions, is to resort to a financial planner to manage your investments, and can raise the probability of the risks and the convenience of carrying out the investments or not. Consulting experts will always be the right path.

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4. Personal knowledge and projects

Easy side hustles from home

One of the best investments you can make today is in yourself. Investing in new courses, careers or knowledge is never negative and will always be something that will enrich you and will be useful for the future. It’s advisable that if there is something you want to study or knowledge you want to acquire, you dare to do what you can to obtain it, because it will be one of the smartest investments of your life.

Investing in yourself and in knowledge also gives rise to investing in personal projects, entrepreneurship or ideas that you know can represent a success for the future, and from which you can profit off over time.

Having your own company and creating your own business will teach you many useful skills to use your money in a smart way and will give you the opportunity to live the experience of leading and organizing something that has your personal stamp. Don’t be afraid to take the first step and always bet on yourself.

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5. Investment in luxury accesories

Generate Passive income

Last but not least, the most stable investment option on the market in recent years is to invest in luxury accessories. It has been shown that buying exclusive items and reselling them can increase your profits considerably, because most luxury items not only retain their value, but double it over the years.

The investment in luxury has been used by multiple entrepreneurs and figures from the high social class, to increase their wealth and have a guarantee for the future. The most used accessories for this purpose are the bags of the French atelier Hermès, specifically the trilogy of Birkin, Kelly and Constance bags, these accessories can retain and increase their value even in Pre-Loved or Vintage condition, so that they represent perfect pieces for investment.

It has been estimated that only Hermès Birkin handbags have achieved a 500% revaluation over the course of 41 years since entering the market, and it’s estimated that their fame and demand will continue to grow as well as their value, which will increase over the next 10 years. Impressive!

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What did you think of these 5 investments you can make today? If you are ready and want to start working on any of them, dare, inform yourself and carry it out with all the confidence possible, that will be your best strategy to get what you want in the long term.

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