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Web pages are complex systems and code networks that provide entertainment or information services, and although we do not think too much about how these platforms are created, the truth is that behind them there are web designers dedicated to giving their best so that everything works properly. However, that is a good way to work online and get paid.

Nowadays the internet and websites have become indispensable elements for our life and social interactions, so the people who work in their creation are extremely important and in demand. Multiple companies are willing to pay whatever it takes to get a good design on their websites, which makes the job of web designer a very remunerated position.

If you have coding and web design skills, we show you how you can adopt this activity as an extra job that will provide you with an income every month, which you can then invest in whatever you like. Don’t miss it!

How to learn to design websites?


To learn the discipline of web design there are multiple options, both college degrees in computer science, as well as specialized courses that only focus on web design. The truth is that to perform the job of a web designer you need to learn certain programming languages or codes, to have a solid base of knowledge and perform it in the right way.

Regardless of the type of medium you choose to learn to design web pages, you will most likely need to learn languages such as Java, HTML, Visual Basic, Javascript, PHP, CSS and MySQL. These tools will be the ones you will use to be able to program the websites you design.

Although it is important that a web designer knows the codes and programming languages, it is not 100% necessary, as there are specialized platforms for creating websites that allow the use of default templates, and very few elements that require codes, so if you have a basic knowledge, it is entirely possible that you dedicate yourself to web design, just keep in mind that it is always better to acquire more knowledge to diversify your work and get more extra income.

What tools will you need?


First of all, the most important thing to start programming and designing web pages is to have a computer powerful enough to do the job, so you will need to pay attention to these elements:

  • Operating system: All operating systems are suitable for this task, but it will depend on the type of programming you will do, that is, if you will create an application or a website. The operating systems most commonly used by web designers are Windows, Linux and macOS.
  • Processor: To carry out your work as a web designer, you will need a good processor in your computer, the best option is an Intel i7 processor, although an Intel i5 will be enough. Likewise, its equivalent, the AMD Ryzen 5 will also be good enough.
  • RAM memory: RAM memory is the one that will allow you to perform many processes at once, and it is extremely important for web designers, so as long as your computer has 8 GB of RAM it will be more than enough.
  • Storage space: The storage space of your hard disk must be large enough to be able to store the complex software you make, so it is best that you get as much space as you can have. For starters, a 500 GB hard drive will be just fine.

Beyond your computer, other tools or programs you will need to design websites are the following, and will depend on your skill level or what you are looking for in particular:

  • Wix: A popular site for creating websites, as it is very easy to use. With it you can create websites without programming and coding knowledge. It is free, although if you want your own domain you will have to pay for it.
  • WordPress: A versatile and easy to use software to create websites, both from templates and from codes, since you can edit the templates using HTML, CSS or Java languages. This platform is free, except for some plugins that are paid.
  • Adobe Dreamweaver: This software is used with HTML or Javascript programming languages. It does not have a visual editor, so you need to apply codes. This software is a classic for programming websites, but nowadays it is not often used.
  • Weebly: A popular platform for creating websites without programming skills. It allows the use of different tools that can be upgraded for an extra cost, and several templates for easy use.

How to offer your services as a web designer?


To start working as a web designer from home and generate extra income, the essential thing will be to be completely sure of your skills and knowledge for programming websites, both with coding languages, as with simpler tools, once all of this is clear, then you can start applying as a web designer, for this you can enter extra job platforms such as Fiverr, Freelancer and Upwork.

On these platforms you can create your web designer profile and detail your experience in each tool you use to do your job, in addition to your hourly rate, for this you can rely on the profiles of other web designers you see on these pages, so you will know how to present yourself and what points to highlight.

Once your profile is ready, you can start applying for the different web designer job offers, which usually are temporary projects, although many times they can also be long term. In your case, if you are looking to become a part-time web designer, or do it as an extra job to your regular job, short projects will suit you, but it all depends on your schedule and how you can adapt your work life.

There is also the possibility of creating a post in which you offer your services as a web designer, with your detailed experience and even some kind of portfolio of previous work you have done, this will give you a lot of credibility and more opportunities to be contacted by employers.

Schedule and earning expectations


The schedule is an important issue when it comes to taking on an extra job apart from your regular job, as you must find a way to fit everything in so as not to affect your personal life and work life. For this everything will depend on the schedule of your regular job, assuming that you work from Monday to Friday during office hours, you will surely have at least a couple of hours free when you get home, and these hours you can use them to work on your web design projects. Similarly, weekends are also ideal times to do this activity.

Depending on the amount of hours you spend per week on this extra work, you will be able to earn enough extra income. On average web designers generate between $23 to $25 per hour, which means that if you work at least 10 hours per week you can earn $250 per week and at least $1,000 per month in extra income. This is a considerable amount, knowing that this is an extra job that you can do from home at the time that suits you best. And the best part is that it will bring you extra income that you can use to invest in assets that will generate passive income that you can live off of in the future.

Are you ready to generate extra income and turn it into passive income?

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