How to invest in real estate

The real estate world is quite complex, which is why more and more people think twice before making an investment in a property, but the truth is that investment in real estate continues to lead the world market and is one of the safest in the long term, in addition to having several properties is never a bad choice and you can earn extra income.

However, it is very important that before investing in real estate, you check all the options available and prepare very well to acquire a property. That’s why we bring you some considerations so you’re ready for your next real estate investment.

  1. Select the property type
  2. Analyze the profitability of the property
  3. Financing
  4. Invest in high-end homes
  5. Presales
  6. Make the most of your investment

Select the property type

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First of all, before investing your money in any property, it is important that you consider what type of property you want to acquire, there are currently quite a few options in the real estate market, but it will all depend on the plan you have in mind for the coming years and how you want to take advantage of your investment in that property.

Investment options vary between residential, commercial, office, warehouses and tourist residences. All these are good alternatives, but everything depends on the particularities of the real estate market in your country or in the place where you intend to acquire the property. Remember that you must always consult before making this investment, since some properties may have periods of low demand for rent or sales.

Analyze the profitability of the property

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Once you have decided what type of property you want to acquire, you need to inform yourself, visit it and evaluate it very well, so you can know what benefits it will bring you in the future and how you can make your investment in it worthwhile. 

It is important to emphasize that investing in real estate is a medium to long-term process, so the revaluation of a property or the remuneration of the investment will take quite a while and will not be as immediate as that of other types of investments, the difference being that the real estate market is usually more stable than other types of investments.

When analyzing the profitability of your property, you should also take into account the time it takes to sell it, which varies between 8 months and 2 years, so consider its sale in this period of time and you will not have problems obtaining remuneration for your investment.


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It is no secret to anyone that mortgage loans are quite beneficial when it comes to buying a property, as most cover 80% or 90% of the value of the property, in addition to offering long payment terms and acceptable interest . That is why if you want to start investing in real estate and still do not have enough capital to acquire your first property on your own, the loans will be your allies.

However, you should keep in mind that loans will be a regular expense within your finances and that the best thing is that you get ways to pay for it using the help of the property you purchased with it. By this we mean that you can always rent your property for a certain amount of years and allocate the price of the rent to pay the mortgage credit, or at least a part of it, so the process will be much faster and over time you will be able to enjoy a fully paid property to get more income.

Another option is to request a credit to carry out renovations to your new property, since this will give it more value in the market when you decide to sell it, it will also be easier to rent if it has attractive amenities to the tenants.

Invest in high-end homes

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If you have not yet purchased your property, but have decided on residential options, a great recommendation is to try to purchase a high-end home. These are residences that offer amenities for residents and have extra spaces that considerably increase the value of the property. In this sense, when you decide to rent this property or sell it, your investment will be more than compensated, since it is a luxurious and profitable long-term home. The sale of these homes may take longer than an average property, but it’s worth a try for the great value you’ll get.

To invest in high-end homes, it is advisable to visit the most prestigious areas of your city and look for works in progress that have these amenities. Keep in mind that when you acquire a property, not only will you buy that place, but the surrounding neighborhood will also have weight in the purchase, so you must make sure that it is a safe area and has all the required services, this will considerably increase the value of your property.


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Property, presales or investment in plans can be a great option if you want to get a more affordable price when buying your property, in the long term this can generate a higher return on your purchase.

However, if you decide to pre-sale a property, you must be prepared for the risks that may arise from the moment you make the investment until the end of the construction project, because if there are any external factors that can cause damage to the structure or the project, your investment could be affected. For this reason you have to go to prestigious companies that offer you confidence, and invest in projects that are in development.

Make the most of your investment

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Once you make the investment in the right property after evaluating the market and your financing possibilities, it’s time to make the most of the space you’ve acquired, whether it’s a residence, a business premises or a warehouse, it’s extremely important that you start learning about rent alternatives to take advantage of the property and get extra income in the process.

If you have a tourist residence and want to rent it to tourists who visit the city, you can start posting ads on the internet or on the multiple rental platforms of tourist properties, so you will earn passive income with the rent of your tourist property. Would you like to know how? Click here

Likewise, if you purchased a common residence, either an apartment or a house, you must propose a rent scheme that fits your needs, if you must continue paying the mortgage credit or if the property is already paid, so you will know what type of contract to issue with your lawyer and how many years you will be able to rent the property to your tenants. It is advisable that between certain periods of time you try to remodel the property so that it does not deteriorate and so that it continues to be revalued.

Are you ready to invest in real estate? With these considerations it will undoubtedly be much easier for you and you can start the process of buying your property.

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Invest in your property today and reap the rewards for your effort in the years to come!

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