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With the great boom of social media in recent times, videos have become one of the most used means of communication by companies, as well as by influencers who want to attract the attention of users and position themselves to gain more followers. This is why the video editor job has become a good profitable activity.

For this reason, video editing is one of the most treasured skills on online extra jobs platforms, where they continuously request video editors who can work a few hours and earn extra income easily. If you have knowledge of video editing or if you are willing to learn, we teach you how you can earn extra income with this simple job from home. Do not miss it!

How to learn to edit videos?


Video editing requires certain skills that you can learn simply by taking a workshop or course, or even through some tutorial videos on YouTube, so you can handle the basic video editing tools and what are the ideal programs for the type of editing you want to offer your clients.

There are several types of video editing, and everything depends on who the video is aimed at or what is its objective, basic commercial videos can be edited simply with some transitions and combinations of images previously captured by the client, as well as short recordings. However, there are other types of more complicated editions, which require the use of programs to mold 3D elements and include them in the videos. For this type of edition we recommend you take a short course, so that you have more experience.

Another important point of learning video editing is practice, after taking a course it is essential that you practice enough creating your own videos, for this you can record short videos with your mobile phone and try editing them with the tools and programs you learned to use, little by little you will gain experience and you will be able to dare to edit the videos of your clients.

What do you need to get started as a video editor?


To start working as a video editor in your free time, first of all you will need a good computer, either desktop or laptop, which has a good RAM capacity to process video and audio, this is important so you can make video editions without setbacks and lack of speed in your computer, so you must make sure you have a high-end computer for this activity.

Likewise, you should keep in mind that you will need to acquire good video editing software, the best on the market is Adobe Premiere Pro, which has a cost in its membership to acquire it. There are also other free ones such as KineMaster and DaVinci Resolve.

Apart from their prices, these programs are classified according to the level of knowledge required to use them, or the difficulty in using them. One of the most professional programs apart from Adobe Premiere Pro, is CyberLink PowerDirector 365, it is a program that allows you to create videos in 360° and 3D. On the other hand, for beginners, Pinnacle Studio 24 is ideal, as it has automatic templates for easy editing.

How to work editing videos online?


The job of online video editor can be performed by logging into the multiple platforms of extra jobs, such as Fiverr, Upwork and Freelancer, on these websites you can create your worker profile, adding your digital resume and the basic skills you know, as well as the programs you handle to edit videos, you can also add your preferences in the type of video you can edit and your fee per hour of work. To create a good profile as a video editor you can base it on other editors’ profiles, so you will know exactly what the client is looking for and what fits your profile best.

Once you have your editor profile ready, as well as your hourly fees, you can start to apply in the different posts where video editors are requested, you can also create a post as a worker to promote your service and raise what type of edition you dedicate yourself to, so employers can contact you and offer you projects in which you can work.

If you applied to any of the video editing projects, you should keep in mind that you may not be chosen by employers at first, as they are based on reviews from previous projects. So, you need to be patient and continue to apply to start working as an online video editor.

Long term profit expectations


When it comes to long-term earnings, online video editors can generate a considerable amount of extra income, but it all depends on the hourly fee they charge, and what employers are willing to pay. On average an online video editor can charge between 14$ and 20$ per hour, based on your level of experience and the type of project you perform.

Being an extra job, you must organize an adequate schedule to work each week, either from Monday to Friday or Saturday and Sunday, if you dedicate at least 15 hours a week to work editing videos you could generate 1,200$ per month, a substantial profit to be able to dedicate this money to what you need and at the same time invest in improving your future and obtain passive income.

Are you ready to start earning extra income as a video editor? We bet you are!

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