What is the best way to earn extra income?

Extra income has become a very important element nowadays, as regular salaries are not enough to cover a basic lifestyle and people need to find a second source of income to live comfortably and afford other things aside from basic necessities. This is why everyone is thinking about what is the best way to earn extra income.

At Extra-Incomes, we want you to reach your financial independence, learn how to maximize your earnings and have a stable future. This is why we have compiled three main ways in which you can earn extra income, so you can choose which one is the most profitable for you.

Get an extra job


Today many people focus on getting a second source of income by finding another activity that they can perform during their free time, or after finishing their regular working hours. A side hustle or side job can be very beneficial to earn a second income each month, and although there are many extra jobs that you can explore and apply for, there are some that allow you to earn more income for less working hours.

Getting an extra job not only allows you to make money in your free time, but it is also an opportunity to explore some of your other talents, expand your curriculum and get more experience in a different field. Here are some of the best paid extra jobs you can do to earn extra income:

  • Personal shopper: This side hustle consists of visiting luxury stores in Europe and purchasing exclusive products for VIP clients. You can earn €100 an hour, only working a few hours a week. This activity is easy, fun, and doesn’t require any training.
  • Freelancer: As a freelancer you can develop any digital skill that you have, work from home and earn an average of 15$ to 25$ an hour. You can organize your schedule to work on your freelance activity as you can.
  • Remote Consultant: If you’re an expert professional in your field and you have enough experience to advise others, you can develop your own consultory services from home. Do a video call with your clients and guide them to obtain the best results. As a remote consultant you can make $80 to $90 an hour.
  • Pet Sitter: This extra job consists of going to your clients homes and taking care of their pets, usually when they are away or traveling. You just need to keep them company, feed them, play with them or give them any treatment that they require. You can also receive the pets in your home and take care of them. As a pet sitter you can make from $16 to $25 an hour.

Having an extra job will guarantee you a steady income each month or week, so you can rest assured that you will obtain enough money to finance your whims, invest in assets that you’re interested in or build your own business. An extra job is definitely the best way to earn extra income.

Sell things you don’t use


Another good way to make extra income fast is selling things you no longer use. Most of the people have things they don’t use sitting at home, and all of them can deteriorate fast, losing their value and the investment you made to purchase them. This is why it is recommended to sell things you don’t use from time to time, not only because you can clear your home from items that take up space, but also because you can generate extra income with it.

There are certain items that are surprisingly more valuable than others, such as collectibles, retro technology and even luxury accessories that you don’t use regularly. By selling these items you can obtain a good retribution, especially when it comes to luxury products, as nowadays they are very sought-after and are even considered investments.

The only downside of selling things you don’t use is that it won’t be a constant extra income source, as eventually you can run out of things to sell, so you won’t be able to obtain extra cash easily. However, you can opt for investing in more luxury products that can later be sold in the future, renewing your ways to amplify your income and investing smartly.

Invest and earn passive income


Investing is by far one of the best ways to earn extra income, it is actually very recommended by the financial experts and it can lead you to build your own personal wealth with time. Investing can be done in very diverse ways; from buying a property, to investing in bitcoins or assets. It can also be done by investing in exclusive luxury products, that lately are more stable than investing in gold.

The idea of investing is to be able to receive a retribution in the future, often in the form of passive income, money that you obtain as a retribution for a past effort or action. With the right investments at the right moment and intensity, you can make a difference and reach financial independence.

Another good way to invest is by creating your own business, although you will need to work more on it, at some point it will be developed enough to produce good earnings and allow you to have a comfortable retirement, providing a family business for your children and grandchildren.

So, have you already decided what is the best way to earn extra income?

Now that you know how to start your journey towards financial independence, we give you some incredible options and ideas, so you can take control of your time and maximize your income.

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