What is a Side Hustle?

Side hustles or extra jobs have become the new reality for people that need to perceive a second income monthly, to be able to afford additional whims or things that they need aside from the basic needs. A side hustle is the ideal way to earn extra income and that is why everyone is getting one.

Next, we will show you everything you need to know about side hustles and show you why it is a good idea to have one, so that you can earn more income a month and be able to have more financial stability with time.

What is a side hustle?


A side hustle is an extra activity that people do to earn extra income each month. This extra activity can be related to their career or occupation, or it may be another thing entirely, but something easy that allows them to perceive a second income without losing too much time or sacrificing all their free time.

A side hustle or side job can be done during weekends or after working hours, it is usually a simple activity that can be scheduled conveniently to avoid affecting a regular job schedule, and although it commonly pays less than a regular job, the income is very useful to spend it in other things that are not basic needs.

What is a side hustle good for?


A side job can be very good to earn extra income, and with it you can do many amazing things that you have been wanting to do for a long time, or even to just live your life more comfortably with financial stability. Here are a few things that a side hustle is good for:

  • Gain experience in a different field: side jobs are usually activities that are not entirely related to your career, they are activities that allow you to gain more experience in other disciplines and improve some of your skills. Getting a side job will be a positive experience for you and can enrich your resume.
  • Develop new abilities: with a side hustle you can learn a new skill, you can be open to learn new things and develop skills that you didn’t know you were good for. So it is a good opportunity to improve yourself and find out more about your talents.
  • Save money: earning a second source of income is just what you need to save for something important, be it a financial goal, opening your own business or much more. Saving money is always positive and it shows you how to handle your finances better.
  • Purchase things that you need: there are always things that you need, it doesn’t matter if it is a new car, a laptop, a gaming console, new furniture, or whatever you need. A side hustle is your way to obtain that income that you need to carry out your whims or cover some needs that you may have.
  • Travel: traveling is a marvelous experience, and why wait until you’re retired to do it? With a side hustle that provides extra income you can easily save some money to travel the world, meet new people and discover new lands. Experiences are also valuable!
  • Invest: Investments are often underestimated, but they can be your road to financial independence and a wealthy future. Investing a part of your extra income in a good asset or market can help you reach higher financial goals and obtain a better fund for retirement.

Which are the best side hustles?


Today there are hundreds of side hustles that you can do to earn extra income. In this brief list we compile a few of them that are enriching, fun and allow you a high compensation, so that you can meet your financial goals and seize your money correctly. These are the best side hustles of the moment:

  • Personal shopper: the personal shopper job is a very fun, relaxing and enriching activity that entails visiting luxury stores in Europe to purchase exclusive accessories for VIP clients. You can create your own schedule and go shopping whenever you can. This job is the best paid of all, with an average of €100 an hour. You can apply here.
  • Freelancer: the freelancer side hustle can vary greatly depending on your digital abilities, but you can work as a graphic designer, writer, translator, web developer, community manager and much more. You can earn extra income from home and work at your own pace.
  • Online Course Teacher: If you’re proficient on any subject, or you’re a certified teacher, you can easily develop your own courses to teach people that need it. It can be of any subject and you can earn a good fair amount per hour. You can organize your schedule and work from home.
  • Bartender: working as a bartender is an excellent way to make extra income. You can accommodate it to your regular schedule and work at night, or during weekends. You can even create your own private service to get hired at parties or any social event. Best of all you receive good tips for it aside from the money you earn.
  • Dog Walker: If you love animals and you have experience walking your own dogs, you can easily develop your own side hustle as a dog walker. Find clients, walk their dogs and earn easy money. You can set your own prices per hour and do this activity whenever you can after your regular working hours.

How to get a side hustle?


Getting a side hustle today is not as complicated as it seems, everywhere online you can find great platforms that allow you to apply for diverse side hustles, and you can even filter them to look for the one that best suits you.

At Extra-Incomes we’re committed to your success, so this is why we have an extensive blog full of options to show you the best side hustles of the moment, as well as to provide you with valuable tips to get extra income quickly and build your financial stability.

Our new Side Job Finder will be your ideal companion to help you filter the side hustle you’re looking for. You can filter and choose from these options:

  • Allows Socializing
  • Needs Experience
  • Relaxed / Stress Free
  • Flexible Schedule
  • Hourly Income
  • Difficulty Level
  • Time Required
  • Type of Income
  • Needs Investment
  • Where to find the job?

Now everything is easier and more convenient for you, so you can find your perfect side hustle faster and better. Download our Side Job Finder and look for the best side hustle that provides you with incredible extra income.

Explore our blogs and take the next step into financial independence!

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