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Today, there are multiple options to work from home, and people are constantly looking for new disciplines to earn extra income from the comfort of their homes. The truth is that there is an excellent option if you are a great professional in your area, with which you can get enough profit and satisfaction in the long term.

Here we show you how to become a remote consultant with a schedule that fits your needs and substantial income expectations. Pay attention!

What does a remote consultant do?


A consultant is a person who has knowledge and experience on a subject, discipline, or profession and offers consulting services to support companies and help them improve in any possible area. Consultants do not usually work permanently at companies, they provide support at times when they are needed.

Remote consulting work consists of providing solutions or helping companies from anywhere, without the need to meet face-to-face with the company owner. That means remote consultants can work from home, a coffee shop, a public place, their office in another company, or anywhere possible, if they have an internet connection and a laptop computer.

Consulting types


The consulting world is vast since consultants can exist in any possible field, ranging from corporate disciplines to simpler disciplines such as gardening or cooking. However, the most popular consulting types in demand today are the following:

  • Accounting: The field of finance is considered a company’s core. If you are a finance expert, you can be of great service as a consultant.
  • Advertising: Big and small brands always need advice when it comes to taking their company to the next level, so if you are an advertising professional, your advertising strategies can improve the company’s market positioning.
  • Business: Business and relationships with other companies are the keys to growing a company. This will be your area of choice if you know enough about business.
  • Career counseling: Some employees of companies or individuals need a hand to know what’s next in their professional lives. If you have been a counselor and have been able to help many, you can surely be of help to these people.
  • SEO: Companies that work with ads or articles that rank on Google need a SEO expert to achieve it; you can help them.
  • Marketing: Digital marketing has become increasingly essential to website and social media success. If you are a marketing expert, you will give consulting services on the subject.
  • Human Resources: Every company needs good talents and professionals, but some don’t know how to find them. If you are a human resources professional, then you will be able to help companies in need.

How to become a remote consultant?


To start working as a remote consultant, you need to consider a few things and know where to look for companies and how to promote your online services. Here are the steps you should follow:

  1. Define what your work model will be: Some consultants offer consulting packages with some services at a defined price. Others opt for consulting services tailored to give more personalized attention. You must choose which of these models you will have or if you will use a combination of both.
  2. Create a personal brand: To gain credibility as a remote consultant, you should work on your brand. That means you should create social media accounts or a blog where you share your knowledge and show your expertise. It will help you to get clients and followers.
  3. Apply digital marketing: Even if you are not a marketing expert, you must start applying campaigns to attract clients and followers, especially in social media, where you will get the most traffic from potential clients.
  4. Make clients a priority: Clients bring your income and recommend you to others. It is essential that you prioritize them and that you have good customer service. It is also good that you adapt to their needs and schedules whenever possible.
  5. Be an advocate of hands-on solutions: The theory is how you become an expert, but not each case requires much theoretical knowledge, so don’t bore your clients with full sessions of what the books say. With your knowledge, you can create practical solutions to help them. Show them what they need to do, not a class in your discipline.

Schedule and earning expectations


The work schedule of a remote consultant depends a lot on the type of services you offer and how you organize your time. If you have a regular job, apart from your consulting sessions, you should find a way to alternate them with your work. So that it doesn’t affect your work performance, and you can make them in your free time or after you leave your workday. You can also limit the amount of consulting you do per week, creating a schedule and following it.

The earnings expectations of a remote consultant can vary since they depend on the service packages you offer and the price you set for your work. Although it is possible to agree on a price with companies, some companies are willing to pay more than you think. However, remote consultants, in general, can earn around 1,800€ to 2,200€ per month.

Are you ready to become a remote consultant?

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