4 benefits of being a Personal Shopper

Have you ever thought that it is possible to find your dream job? You’ve probably been looking for an extra job that not only fits your schedule and pays well, but also allows you to grow, have fun, and do what you love. Although this combination of characteristics seems to be fanciful, the truth is that it is not so, since there is a job that offers you all these benefits and many more, which allows you to live the fashion experience, get a good remuneration and have fun with your friends and family, and that is the personal shopper job.

Our main interest is that you find your dream job, so we introduce you to the great benefits of being a personal shopper. And the best part is that we’ll guide you on the right path to get it. Read on and discover your ideal job!

1. You decide your schedule as a personal shopper


One of the best features of this job is that you will be the creator of your schedule, which means that you will not need to follow a constant work schedule: 8 hours a day, 5 days a week, but you will be able to choose when to go shopping and get products for customers.

The personal shopper job is assigned in specific services or purchases to be performed by the shopper, but you will always have the freedom to choose the services that suit you, on the days and times you prefer. So, if you have other activities to occupy your time, you can go shopping on weekends or in your free time.

And it won’t be the same every week! The services will always vary and depending on the ones you decide to perform, you will be able to set up your shopping trips as you wish. You will leave aside the monotony of a common job, and you will be in control at all times.

2. An incomparable salary


As we know that the most important aspect of a job is the salary, we want to assure you that this will be one of the best salaries you can get, especially because of the sporadic nature of the job as a personal shopper in The Personal Shopper Agency.

And it is proven! At Extra Incomes, we have analyzed a wide variety of personal shopper jobs, and we concluded that The Personal Shopper Agency personal shopper job is the best-paying one, considering the little time you need to invest in it, which proves to be quite profitable compared to other extra jobs in general.

The average salary of a personal shopper at The Personal Shopper Agency is €100 per hour, meaning that you will earn much more than a full-time worker just working a few hours per month.

But that’s not all, because some agencies allow you to perform services with your friends and family, and even allow them to be part of the team. At The Personal Shopper Agency, this is a reality, and you can even receive financial compensation for introducing them to the company.

With this incentive, The Personal Shopper Agency wants to offer greater job opportunities, and make it clear that the personal shoppers of its team are part of a big family, in which all grow equally and live the passion for fashion.

According to statistics provided by The Personal Shopper Agency, 93% of its shoppers are related to other shoppers, meaning that they have been introduced by their family and friends, thus encouraging collaboration and support among loved ones. This unique characteristic is hard to achieve.

One of my closest friends had the opportunity to become a personal shopper in her city, and the best part is that her mother and sister joined her to work as shoppers. She has told me that they have made incredible incomes and have much more time to share as a family. I will be joining them this year when I move to the city!

Then imagine it; you will work a few hours when you want, earn more than an average employee, and give your family or friends a chance to enjoy the same as you do. It does not get any better than this!

3. Fashion and trends everywhere


If you are reading this is because you are a great lover of fashion and trends, and surely you have in your closet a few pieces from big fashion houses. For that reason, we want to tell you that another of the great benefits of working as a personal shopper is the possibility of learning and being among one of your favorite things, fashion.

Working as a personal shopper you will enjoy the experience of shopping in impressive brand-name stores, such as Chanel, Louis Vuitton, Hermès, Rolex, Goyard, etc. You will be able to drive around your city and visit these establishments, enjoying a day of shopping like no other.

Shopping will not only be one of your hobbies, but it will also become part of your life, you will have the opportunity to appreciate closely every new trend and explore everything the big fashion houses have to offer. Without a doubt, it is a dream come true for a fashionista like you!

4. Unite your loved ones


If you have many family members and friends who enjoy fashion like you, then this is your chance to include them in this Personal Shopper Agency position. If you become an personal shopper, you will have the option to include family members or friends to be part of the shopping team as well, so not only will you help them earn extra income with a fun activity, but it will also bring you extra profit.

By including your loved ones on the team, The Personal Shopper Agency will offer you a bonus for bringing in new shoppers, so not only will you count on the profits from the purchases you make, but you can also earn this extra bonification for increasing the team and bringing together more people who are passionate about fashion.

And if your schedules coincide with your friends or family’s services, you can go shopping with them and have even more fun, so you will spend a different time together while earning extra income. Your loved ones will thank you for this opportunity you are giving them!

Have you already seen that it is possible to earn money doing what you like?

We are very happy to have been part of this discovery, and we know that you will be able to make the most of it and become a great personal shopper. We’re sure you’ll be much happier with a job you truly enjoy.

And so as not to waste any time, we want to show you the steps to follow so that you can apply to become a personal shopper and enter the world of luxury shopping as soon as possible.

If you think you are ready to enjoy all these benefits, you can enter this link and schedule an interview by filling out the form with your information. The human resources representatives will contact you very soon so that you can become part of The Personal Shopper Agency team.

Would you like to know a little more about this job? If so, we invite you to sign up for our digital seminar on luxury shopping, where you can clear up all your doubts and learn much more before embarking on this new path.

Our Webinar is held every two months and we accept a reduced number of participants, so if you are interested in participating, don’t miss the opportunity and fill out this form with your information, we will contact you immediately with the confirmation of your participation. Don’t miss it! It will be amazing!

Dare to enjoy all the benefits we bring to you!

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