The 4 best marketplaces to sell your used bike

Now that you’re ready to sell the bike you don’t use, here we want to show you the best marketplaces in Europe for you to use. Find the one that best suits your needs and sell your bike without problems and from the comfort of your home.

Take the first step today!

  2. Decathlon
  4. Cash Converters


Buycycle is a platform that works in several countries in Europe and is dedicated to the sale of bicycles; on this site users can create their ads with images and information, adding their location and price. Interested users can purchase the bike and select whether to search for it at the seller’s home or if they prefer a shipment.

For this, Buycycle sends packaging materials to the seller, in addition to instructions to properly pack their bike, which is then collected by the official transport of the platform, and this has no cost to the sellers. Once the customer receives their bike, the Buycycle system releases the payment to the seller, without problems and directly to their bank account.

2. Decathlon

Decathlon is a Spanish page intended for the purchase and sale of used sports products, where you can sell your used bike easily and without dealing with any buyer. The Decathlon system works by sending the data of your bike and its photographs to the website, the experts offer you a first quotation price of what your product is worth, if you agree then you must go to one of their stores nationally.

Once you arrive at the store, the experts corroborate the price and the product and will pay for it immediately. In this transaction you also have the option to get a voucher for the same value, which you can consume in their store, buying used or new products. So you could even replace your used bike with a completely new one if you wish.


Webuycycle is a British platform that offers the purchase and sale of used bicycles. On this website you can get a free and quick evaluation of your bike, you just have to provide some data about your bike and some photographs, then they will contact you with an estimated price, based on the experience of their experts and the value of the bicycle market similar to yours.

When you get the estimated price of your bike, and if you agree, you can take your bike to some of their stores nationwide, or make a shipment to their facilities, they provide all the facilities to do it, and it’s free. You can choose two ways to receive your money:

  • Direct bank transfer: this is done once the bike is in the Webuycycle facilities. Without Commissions
  • Paypal Transfer: Money is sent even before the bike arrives at its destination. A Paypal fee is charged.

4. Cash Converters

Cash Converters is a Spanish website that offers the purchase of a wide variety of second-hand products, and pays quickly and easily. Cash Converters works by pricing your used bike and offering a price for it, if you agree you can take it to any of the different Cash Converters stores, where they will pay you immediately the way you prefer.

This platform offers security and ease for users, as you won’t need to put in too much effort, create ads, or deal with buyers. Cash Converters takes care of everything and it is free!

Have you already chosen your favorite marketplace? You sure are!

Now you can sell your used bike and get some extra money quickly. So you can recover your investment without problems.

If you want more options of things you can sell to make extra money, here we show them to you.

Sell what you don’t use and get extra money fast!

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