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Nowadays technology has reached unprecedented heights and has become an important part of our daily lives, as we find it impossible not to take a look at social media. Thanks to the rise of these web platforms, new fields of work have emerged that are quite profitable for people looking for a source of extra income.

The job of social media manager or community manager has gained a lot of relevance in recent years, especially since the commercialization of Instagram as a platform to provide services. Apart from simply being a place to share videos and photos with your loved ones, Instagram is now present as the first place to look for stores, restaurants, or even medical services, which opens an ideal field for social media managers.

Would you like to know how to become a social media manager and earn extra money from home? Here we show you how.

What does the job of social media manager consist of?


The job of social media manager consists of creating, editing and programming posts for the social media of services, whether it is a restaurant, a clothing store, technology, medical services, or any other type of businesses, as well as personal accounts of influencers, YouTubers or minor celebrities.

Apart from the task of creating and scheduling posts, social media managers are also responsible for responding to comments, interacting with followers and responding to direct messages, intending to maintain the interest of potential customers in the brand, providing them with information and directing them to purchase the service.

What do you need to get started?


To perform this job as a social media manager, you must have certain skills that will help you move faster and offer a higher quality service. Essentially, you must know how to write with intention in the posts you make, attracting the attention of users and inviting them to perform the action you need; either to purchase the service, buy something, subscribe to some place, or share the information.

Likewise, if you know graphic design, image processing and logo editing, it will be quite media. It will also be essential to maintain effective communication with your employer to capture their vision in the publications you make.

In terms of tools for your job, the most important thing is that you have a smartphone capable of operating all the social media, as well as some other image enhancement applications. If you need to make image designs, it will be positive to have a powerful computer and a graphic tablet (in case you need to make more complicated designs).

How to apply to be a social media manager?


Initially, the best way to apply to be a social media manager is to apply for any offer published by the businesses you follow on social media, so you already have some idea of the type of service they offer and how you can join their team to manage their social media.

Another slightly more direct way to get a job as a social media manager is by logging into online job platforms such as Upwork, Fiverr and Freelancer, where you can create your worker profile, detailing your experience in each field you have worked in, and setting your hourly rate. It is also recommended that if you have any kind of portfolio with your previous work, add it to your virtual resume on these sites, this will help you get more visibility, and, therefore, you will be hired faster.

After creating your worker profile, the next step will be to apply to the different offers that you can get on these portals, in the search filters you can specify what kind of social media manager job you are interested in, and even the amount of hours required, and since it is an extra job for you, this will be the most important thing to choose an offer. After submitting your application, all you have to do is wait for the employers’ response and get ready to start.

Work schedule and earnings expectations


When it comes to the working schedule, it all depends on the amount of time you have available to dedicate to this activity each week. If you plan to work as a social media manager as an extra job to your regular work activity, you should choose certain hours per day or a few hours per week to work on it, without affecting your schedule. So you need to evaluate if you will dedicate a couple of hours a day to it, or if you will work on weekends, it’s all about balance and your particular situation, remember that the job should fit with your schedule, and not the other way around.

As for earning expectations, on average social media managers who work a few hours a week, or part-time earn $20 to $22 per hour. If you decide to dedicate three hours a day from Monday to Friday to this activity, you could earn $1,200 per month. This is a considerable amount that will serve as an extra income to your regular salary, this can be very helpful to start investing and secure your future with passive income.

Are you ready to apply as a social media manager?

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