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Modeling is an extremely broad field in which thousands of people make a living, and although most models are people who work full-time, or dedicate their entire vocation to it, it is also possible to be a freelance model or do it in your spare time, to earn extra income on top of your regular salary.

Here we teach you what it takes to become a model in your spare time, so that you can prepare yourself and get the income you need so much, both for whims and to invest and improve your quality of life.

Types of modeling


As mentioned above, the modeling field is very broad and there are many disciplines for which you can model, these are some of the most prominent and the best paid of the moment:

  • Clothing and accessories models: the most common and demanded type of modeling, these are people who are hired to wear clothes and show them, both on catwalks and in photographs. In general, the garments modeled are usually haute couture or from luxury fashion houses, but there is also modeling of fast fashion garments.
  • Photography models: photography models are required for modeling for beginner photographers, who need to get used to finding angles and playing with lights and shadows. Photography models can also model for experienced photographers, to give them material for their portfolios. Within this category, there can be many types of photographic modeling, the most common being fashion, make-up, advertising and television.
  • Hand and foot models: hand and foot models are sought after for having aesthetically pleasing hands and feet. These models are ideal for modeling accessories such as rings and bracelets, as well as modeling for nail spa advertisements, or podiatric medical center advertisements.
  • Model for artists: artistic modeling is requested by art students, draftsmen or sculptors who learn painting and sculpting techniques by studying the anatomy of the body. Artistic models follow the artist’s instructions to pose for works of art, using different objects that serve as references. These models should remain as still as possible for at least a couple of hours.

What do you need to be a model?


To be a freelance model you need to have pleasing physical attributes and a good attitude in front of the camera or the object on which your image will be captured. The requirements depend on the type of modeling you want to work with, and what employers consider. In the case of runway modeling, you should take a course or classes on how to perform on a runway, since it is a discipline that needs experience.

For photo models, or hand and foot models, it is important that they maintain a neat appearance, taking care of their hair, skin, face and their best attributes, to look their best in front of the camera. However, nowadays the modeling industry is quite inclusive and natural beauty is becoming more and more fashionable, so if you have natural beauty, you will most likely be perfect to become a model.

Another important point that you will need to have to get an extra job as a freelance model, is a personal portfolio, here you can include all the pictures or documents that indicate that you have some kind of modeling experience, this will be very useful for employers to hire you.

If you don’t have modeling experience yet, we recommend you take some pictures of your face and body from different angles, this will be your first portfolio, since some agencies or employers are looking for a very specific type of person, if you are the right one, they will be able to choose you more easily.

How to become a freelance model?


There are several ways in which you can start working as a freelance model, these are the most suitable for you:

  • Search for projects on extra work online. On the internet, there are many platforms where you can show your portfolio and your experience as a freelance model to apply for short projects, the most suitable sites for this are Model Mayhem, Fiverr, Upwork and Freelancer. Here you can create your profile and apply for projects, but you can also create a free ad about your experience and wait for proposals from employers or agencies.
  • Create a model profile on your social media. Nowadays Instagram has become an ideal medium to advertise your services and get extra income. If you create a modeling profile on Instagram, you can show your portfolio and indicate what kind of modeling you do, soon agencies and photographers will be able to meet you and contact you to offer you freelance or project work.
  • Work in a modeling agency part-time. There are many types of modeling agencies, if you find one that is dedicated to the type of modeling you like, then you can apply as a part-time or freelance model, which means that you can reach an agreement with the agency to work certain days a week or fewer hours than usual.

Schedule and earnings expectations


The freelance modeling schedule is just as the name implies, it means that you can work in your free time or when you can open a space in your regular schedule. For this reason, it will be quite flexible and will depend on what projects you find or when you can do the modeling, regardless of what type of modeling it is.

The earnings expectations for a freelance model are quite promising, true that it all depends on the type of modeling and the level of prestige of the project, but they can usually lead to significant earnings, especially when it comes to part-time or freelance work. A freelance model working part-time can earn around 800€ to 1.000€ per month, but this figure can increase if it is a project with a lot of potential.

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