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3 online jobs to earn extra income from home

If you have been looking for an additional source of income and you will know how to earn extra income from home you can combine with your regular job, these 3 jobs are the ideal ones to start with, since they do not consume so much time, do not require money and you will not need previous experience to carry them out, they are simple activities that will bring you enough income to invest as you wish.

Youtuber Energi explains that there are 3 extra easy and ideal jobs for beginners, which are not so well known on the web and that they can be a great opportunity to earn extra income from home, either through passive income or small profits for created content. To better organize these 3 alternatives, Energi classifies them according to their level of difficulty.

1. Sale of low-content books on Amazon (easy)

Nowadays, many people resort to this option that generates passive income easily, it is the creation of books of low content, such as notebooks, journals, planners, progress trackers, books for drawing, travel journals and much more. Basically, these are books that people buy to write or take an account of their personal situations, which can then be sold on the Amazon online platform.

In this case, Amazon is in charge of carrying out all the logistics of publication, printing, book assembly, shipping and customer service, so it is a job that requires very little effort on your part. So the only thing you will have to do is create the cover design, and determine the content that the book will have.

Creating a low content book is relatively simple and you do not need to be a professional, if you use a software called Book Bolt, you will be able to access hundreds of default templates and tools to design the cover of your book, as well as the inside of the pages, simply by dragging and adding default images. So you will have the possibility to create a low content book in just one day.

Once the book is ready you can send it to Amazon, which performs the necessary procedures for its publication, and if a customer buys your book, you will get a percentage of profit. Although this is a good way to get passive income, Energi adds that it takes a little strategy to know which books generate the most sales, she recommends using the search tool of Best Sellers in Book Bolt, to know what type of low content books are the most relevant, so you can focus on them and earn more money for their sales.

Energi says that if you do a study of the best-selling low-content books on Amazon, and if you focus on creating the most demanded books, you can get at least $1,000 a month of passive revenue from your Amazon sales.

2. TikTok User Generated Content (intermediate)


This extra job is very simple if you have a good camera on your mobile phone and if you have an account on the TikTok platform, basically it is about creating short videos where a product of any kind is promoted, the video does not have to look professional or be very specialized, you just have to give a review of the product in a few seconds.

This user-generated advertising content makes companies not spend so much money creating marketing campaigns, and hiring hundreds of people to create TikTok videos that promote their products. At the same time, it allows other users to be more interested in the products, since they know that the video was created by a particular person and not a company, so they usually watch them completely without skipping them if they appear in their feed.

For this reason, companies are willing to pay people with a TikTok account to create natural 15-second advertising videos, which do not involve much effort or production, so your product will be better positioned on the platform and can reach more users through a closer strategy.

Energi adds that the people who create this content in TikTok can get hundreds of dollars for each video they make, considering that these are videos of no more than 30 seconds, it is a fairly easy way to earn extra income from home. To carry out this job you do not need experience, but simply a TikTok account, and the creation of some short videos where you promote any product, this will serve as a portfolio for companies to hire you to carry out their advertising.

Another way to get this type of job, is to enter the Upwork or Fivver platforms and look for job offers for “UGC ” (User Generated Content) so you can contact the brands directly and apply to create their advertising videos.

3. Business-to-business direct marketing (difficult)


Business-to-business direct marketing is a perfect alternative for people who want to earn extra income from home, and who are willing to learn and take advantage of their skills. Although this option is more complicated and requires learning , it is worth it if it is done the right way.

Energi explains that this is about learning to use the ad technologies of Google, Facebook, Instagram, TikTok and marketing emails to conduct campaigns and incite actions on company customers. These are skills that companies are willing to pay for to advertise their products and attack the niche of customers they need.

This is a job that takes a little longer and may be a regular job for you, but it is very valuable if you work with several companies at once and if you request that your remuneration be a percentage of the earnings of the ads, instead of a fixed salary. With this system of profit, you can generate much more money, with an average income of $200,000 per month , this is something quite substantial.

What do you think of these extra jobs for beginners? If you are ready to start, explore your possibilities and choose the one that best suits you.

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