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Digital marketing has become an essential tool for businesses in the last few years, especially for those that depend on social media or their online positioning, because it has been proven that good management of digital marketing can attract greater interest from customers, and, therefore, higher sales of products or services. Becoming a digital marketing specialist is a way to earn extra income.

If you have digital marketing skills and are looking for extra income, we show you how you can earn extra money each month as a digital and social media marketing specialist. ¡Pay attention!

  1. What does the job of a digital marketing specialist consist of?
  2. What tools and skills do you need?
  3. How to apply as a digital marketing specialist?
  4. Working hours and income expectations

What does the job of a digital marketing specialist consist of?


The work as a digital marketing specialist consists of market analysis and creation of strategies, as well as marketing campaigns through advertisements, forms and mass emails targeted to the potential customers of the brand they represent.

Marketing specialists aim to study the customer niche that matches the service that they want to promote. When studying this segment, they apply measurements to determine the interest of these users in the services offered, and how the company’s social media posts or advertisements can be improved to position it above other competitors.

So the specialists of marketing collect data from their studies and apply solutions for ad enhancement, so they can organize posts on social media such as Facebook, Instagram, TikTok and Snapchat, as well as surveys, forms, or emails to attract the attention of the company’s ideal customer.

What tools and skills do you need?


To start working as a digital marketing specialist, you must learn everything you need to know by taking an online course in this field. And although it seems like something quite simple or predictable, it is a complex subject that requires a proper approach to give the best possible result, so if you want to learn quality digital marketing, we recommend that you invest in a good online course or workshop where you can learn this field in its entirety.

Besides the skills to know how to analyze a customer segment and how to make digital campaigns, marketers need to know certain tools to use as working instruments for their purposes, this implies knowledge of Google Analytics, Facebook Ads, Zoho Social, SEO (search engine optimization), and graphic creation tools such as Canva and Photoshop.

When it comes to digital tools to help you do your job efficiently, you must have a good smartphone to access social media and other analytics applications, as well as a computer capable of creating visual campaigns and other more complex tasks.

How to apply as a digital marketing specialist?


To apply as a digital marketing specialist, the ideal is that you enter the extra work platforms such as Fiverr, Upwork or Freelancer to create your personalized profile, here you can add all your experience, the tools you handle as a marketing specialist, and your hourly rate. In your profile you can also add a portfolio of your previous work, this will be very helpful for you to get more visibility and more interest from employers.

Once your profile is complete, you can start applying for the different offers published on these web platforms, ideally, you should apply for those that can give you some flexibility in the work schedule, this is an extra job for you, so try to look for offers in freelance work mode.

When you start applying in these portals it may take a little time for employers to hire you, because it is a discipline with a lot of competition, so as you work on different projects you will get good ratings from your employers, and they may take you into account for future digital marketing projects.

Working hours and income expectations


As this is an extra job in addition to your regular work activity, you must create a schedule that adjusts to your activities and does not interfere with your established work. The work of a digital marketing specialist can be done part-time or even in freelance mode, so this allows you flexibility when planning your weekly work, anyway, you should keep in mind that when starting a new project it is best to inform your employer about your situation, so he will know that you will work on certain days or hours.

As for what you can earn as a digital marketing specialist, it depends on many factors, not only on what the company that hires you is willing to pay but also on the number of hours you work and the rate you get paid. On average a marketing specialist generates between $20 and $25 per hour, which means that if you work a couple of hours every day from Monday to Friday, you can earn $1,000 per month as a minimum.

This amount is considerable if it is an extra job that you do in your free hours after leaving your regular job, and it gives you the possibility to earn much more if you invest more hours of your time. This extra income you earn working as a digital marketing specialist can be beneficial to invest in assets and start building a margin of passive income for your retirement years.

Are you ready to apply as a digital marketing specialist?

If you are still not sure and want to explore other options for easy extra jobs, here we show you the best alternatives.

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