5 Tips for selling your used jewelry

Selling the jewelry you don’t wear can cause some anxiety, but it’s the best option if you need quick money and know what to invest it in. So that you get the best price and get the most out of the value of your jewelry, we want to show you some tips and tricks so that you don’t get scammed and earn the money you need.

Pay attention to these tips!

  1. Clean your jewel
  2. Analyze its antiquity and brand
  3. Value it in a respectable place
  4. Research and listen to various opinions
  5. Sell it in a reliable place

1. Clean your jewel

Before you think about selling your jewelry, it is important to check the condition of your jewelry and that you apply some maintenance so that their value remains intact or increases. Over the years, jewelry can begin to fill up with residues that make its shine opaque, and it does not only look bad, but it can also cause damage if you don’t fix it soon.

So before selling your jewelry you can go to a jewelry store where experts will help you polish your jewelry again and perform any maintenance. For example, if it is a ring of stones and some have fallen or deteriorated over the years, jewelers can fix it and return you a beautiful and like-new piece of jewelry.

2. Analyze its antiquity and brand

Not all jewelry is the same, as some can be worth much more, not only for their carats but also for the prestige of their brand. If you have jewelry from some of the most influential luxury homes, such as Chanel, Dior, Cartier and Hermès, the value of your jewelry can be much higher than that of any accessory made of gold, silver and precious stones.

These fashion houses and their status are capable of giving extra value to your accessories, so if you have any jewelry from these brands or any other fashion house, you must go to certified places of the brands to know how much they are worth, and how you can sell them.

On the other hand, regardless of the brand or who created them, antique jewelry has great value. Because the years and ancient designs add a lot of interest to buyers, especially jewelry collectors, who are dedicated to buying the oldest and most impressive pieces they find. If you have any antique jewelry from your family that goes back many generations, it will be precious to collectors.

3. Value it in a respectable place

Valuing your jewelry before selling it is a very important step knowing its real value and making the most of it. Many buyers will want to haggle when buying your jewelry, but the good thing about knowing its actual value is that you will not be fooled and will not sell them at a low price.

To rate your jewelry, it is advisable to take it to a respectable jewelry store. It can be the same place where you have taken it to its regulatory cleaning or a place where you have gone before to know that you can trust those jewelers. The process to value your jewelry consists of testing whether the material is gold or silver, as the case may be, for this purpose the surface of the jewel is scratched on a basalt stone, and a reactive liquid is applied to know its purity.

After checking that the jewel is pure, the internal inscriptions of the piece are checked, to know how many carats it is. Next, jewelers weigh the jewel and multiply its weight by the price of gold or silver at the time, which results in how much the jewel is worth. To this value can be added something extra due to its antiquity, state of conservation or brand.

4. Research and listen to various opinions

If you have already gone to a jewelry store to rate your jewelry, but they did not convince you with the price they gave you, then you should continue looking for other opinions and attending other establishments to obtain other evaluations of your piece. Ideally, you should seek many opinions before deciding on one, since another person could offer a higher price for your jewelry.

To do this, you can attend other jewelry stores, go to pawn shops, where jewelry is also priced, visit a jewelry store in a fashion house (in case it’s brand jewelry), and even research online on your own. Many pages teach you how to rate your jewelry and tell you all the secrets you need to know to avoid getting scammed.

The sale of your jewel must be done smartly, do not rush to sell it just because. Search, investigate and question the different opinions until you find some that match and know what is the real value for your jewel.

5. Sell it in a reliable place

The place where you sell your jewelry must be a space that generates trust and where you know that they will be able to give you the right price that your jewelry is worth, without scams and problems. There are many options for places to go, both in person and online. Here are the best places where you can sell your used jewelry:

  • Jewelry stores or brand stores: Jewelry stores are ideal places to sell your jewelry, especially if you are already a customer and you have come to rate your piece in that place.
  • Luxury ecommerce websites: Luxury ecommerce websites are companies dedicated to the purchase and sale of luxury accessories. If your jewelry is of an exclusive brand, you can sell it to a luxury ecommerce website and get a great price for it. And everything from the comfort of your own home.
  • Internet Marketplaces: On the internet, there are many marketplaces dedicated to buying and selling jewelry; some companies buy them directly from you, while others allow you to make ads about them and sell them. There are also online auction options for antique and unusual jewelry.

If you want to learn more about the places where you can sell your jewelry, click here.

Do you know how to sell your used jewelry? We bet you do!

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Sell what you don’t use and earn extra money fast!

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