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5 Extra jobs that help you fulfill your dreams

Adding an extra job to your day to earn extra income and achieve those financial goals you dream of might seem impossible or very sacrificing; however, we have good news for you: It is possible to find ways to generate extra income!

This practice has become a priority for many, and if you also want to maximize your income without compromising your regular job or subjecting yourself to grueling schedules, you’ve come to the right place.

In this post, we’ll tell you about some extra jobs, simple and flexible, that can be the boost you need to meet your most pressing financial goals. From creative options to more traditional tasks, here you’ll find practical tips to give your finances a positive spin.

Would you like to learn more about how to make extra income with an extra job to achieve your goals? Keep reading!


Becoming a personal shopper allows you to help others, finding exactly what clients desire and purchasing it for them, all while enjoying every minute and making money. The personal shopper job allows you to visit luxury fashion stores to get exclusive products for clients. With an average salary of €100 per hour, working as a personal shopper is not only rewarding but also lucrative. Additionally, it provides you with the freedom to work in the city, away from the monotony of an office and without fixed schedules, with shifts ranging from 3 to 4 hours tops.

For those interested in diving into this exciting luxury world, The Personal Shopping Agency offers an entry point. Recognized for its reliability and wide range of opportunities, this agency is constantly seeking new talents in the major European cities, including fashion capitals and secondary cities in European countries with a rich fashion culture.

You can apply directly at their website and learn more about this extra job that combines flexibility, fun, and excellent compensation per shift. If fashion and luxury are your passion and you want to help others while enjoying your city, becoming a personal shopper could be the extra job you’re looking for.


Customer support is a vital extra job in the digital world, where the quality of service can define a company’s success. This occupation involves assisting customers from around the world from the comfort of your home, answering questions, addressing concerns, and providing information about products and services.

With a salary ranging from $15 to $20 per hour, this job is not only accessible but also profitable. You’ll need to be resourceful, friendly, and have a strong customer service orientation. Additionally, mastering an additional language can be a great plus, opening the door to better-paying opportunities.

The demand for professionals in customer support spans across various sectors, including sales, medical, legal, funeral services, e-commerce (both wholesale and retail), education, among others. Platforms like Upwork, Workana, Working Nomads, and are excellent starting points, as they are popular for their high hiring rates and offer a wide variety of customer support opportunities, allowing you to find the extra job that best fits your skills and needs.


The extra job of data entry, or data input, is an essential function in managing information for companies of all types, dedicated to the meticulous task of entering, updating, and maintaining data in computer systems. Despite being a job that requires a high level of attention to detail and speed, it does not require specialized technical skills, making it accessible to a wide range of candidates.

With an average salary of $15 per hour, this extra job offers a stable opportunity for those seeking an extra job without the need for advanced technical training. Platforms like Glassdoor and Indeed are excellent resources for finding data entry job offers, where opportunities to enter this field are constantly posted, either remotely or in person, thus adapting to the needs and preferences of each individual.


If you enjoy being around children or have previous experience working with them, this extra job might interest you. It involves caring for infants for a limited period of time while their parents need to be away during the day or night

On average, this occupation is compensated between $9 and $18 per hour and is often quite comfortable to perform, as your assistance is usually needed in the home where the children live. However, there may also be parents who require your assistance for family outings, as an extra hand is always welcome, especially in large families.

For this job, if you have academic qualifications to work with children or possess additional skills such as music, writing, painting, or arts, it is highly valued as you can organize activities of this kind with the children to enrich their cultural and educational development. Websites like Care or Sitter City always have active listings for these types of positions, and by visiting these sites, you can find a family that needs you for these purposes.


Walking dogs can be one of the most fun, rewarding, and relaxing activities out there, and if you can also earn money doing it, even better, right?

Being a dog walker requires the primary prerequisite of loving animals and having a great deal of sensitivity and respect for them, particularly towards dogs. For this type of job, it’s necessary to be in optimal physical condition and know how to handle unexpected animal behavior situations, such as escapes or fights. Similarly, it’s always important to communicate very effectively so you can obtain all the necessary information about the dog from the owner, including its behavior, preferences, and character.

On average, this extra job pays between $10 and $35 per hour, and it’s possible to work with multiple clients simultaneously, meaning you can walk dogs for different owners at the same time, allowing you to manage your time very efficiently. Visit the websites of Rover, Wag Walking, and Fivver if you’re looking to find openings for this enjoyable occupation.

As you can see, earning extra income isn’t difficult, as there are numerous sources you can turn to that don’t require long hours or overly technical skills.

Working as a personal shopper in your city, entering information into a database and assisting customers with their needs are activities that require attention to detail, a service-oriented mindset, and a love for shopping and fashion. Caring for children and walking dogs are tasks that appeal more to your human sensitivity, and there are many other possible tasks like these.

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