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Today there are more and more options for extra jobs, ranging in intensity and amount of time spent on them. If you are a very busy person and can’t take complex extra work, don’t worry, some simple jobs can generate earnings, such as the website tester extra job.

Here is a simple job you can do from home in any free time, so you won’t have to work too hard to earn extra income. Pay attention!

What does a website tester do?


A website tester is a person in charge of using websites under development to test their functions and check that they produce the desired effect. They check images and videos to look good and play correctly, click on each section to read the text, test help buttons, fill out contact forms, and much more.

Website testers help companies and developers find defects and problems with their platforms before they are made public to the Internet community. So, they serve as test users to improve the experience for real users.

What do you need?


The website tester job is so simple that you don’t need any previous experience. Anyone who knows how to navigate websites and is an ordinary internet user can do it. You will only need a laptop or desktop computer and an internet connection. You will receive instructions on how to test the platforms and be able to carry them out without any problems.

Sometimes the web pages you want to test may not allow you to log in because of your IP address, that is, if you live in a country that doesn’t cover the server. In this case, if the developers do not solve this problem, you can use a VPN program to temporarily change your IP address to that of a country that allows access to the server.

How to become a website tester?


If you have the time, a computer, and an internet connection, then you can start working as a website tester. It is easy for many websites to hire you as a website tester to help their clients improve their platforms.

Most companies accept you after you enter your details and perform a small demographic test. Once you receive confirmation that you are part of the website testers, you can start working on the testing they publish. These platforms all use two types of systems for you to record your website review findings:

  • You must download software that records your screen and audio from your microphone while you perform the test and detail what errors you find.
  • You use an internal platform system that allows you to complete each review step and add written comments on what you find.

The most commonly used web review platforms are Usertesting, Testbirds, UTest, and Userfeel. However, you can also go to freelance job sites such as Upwork, Fiverr, or Freelancer, where you can find employers who want you to test their websites. Apply and wait for their response.

Schedule and earnings expectations


As we mentioned above, the schedule in which you perform website tests can be the one that best suits you since most of the platforms offer this job. They allow you to choose the projects you want and reject the ones you can’t do. So you will always be free to do it when you have the time or anytime the mood strikes you.

In terms of earnings, websites offer revisions that pay between 10€ to 50€ depending on the test complexity or the problems you find on the website. If you do several reviews per month, you can probably earn a good extra income by doing a simple activity from home.

Are you ready to become a website tester?

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