Top 4 marketplaces to sell your used books

If you have already decided to sell your used books to earn some money, here we want to show you the best options of online marketplaces to do it. This way you will be able to sell your used books from the comfort of your home.

Choose your favorite one and start making money by selling your books!

  2. Ebay
  3. Wallapop
  4. Todocolección


This UK platform offers the purchase and recycling of your used books in an easy and safe way. The process of is very simple, you just need to download their mobile app and scan the ISBN number with your phone’s camera, this is located near the barcode of the book. This will allow the platform to value your book according to their data and send you a quote of how much it is worth.

If you agree with the price of the book, offers you information and help to send it to their offices, where they check that everything is in order and send the payment right away to your bank account. With this whole process you don’t need to leave your home, create ads or deal with buyers, it’s all done by the website. Wonderful!

2. Ebay

Ebay is one of the preferred platforms when it comes to buying and selling online, and within its categories, second hand books is one of the most visited. Ebay offers you to create your own ads to sell used books, adding photos, bibliographic details and anything else you want to add.

To sell on Ebay you can choose between two types of seller profiles depending on the case:

  • Private sellers: a sales commission of 11.5% of the total sale up to 2,000 euros is charged, and 2% on the total amount of the price if the sale exceeds 2,000 euros.
  • Professional sellers: a sales commission of 9% of the total amount of the sale up to 990 euros, and 2% of the total sales exceeding 990 euros.

If you intend to sell a few books, you will most likely be considered as a private seller; but if you have many books to sell, you will be considered as a professional seller. It all depends on what you want to do, but Ebay will always take a commission from the sales you make.

3. Wallapop

Wallapop is a Spanish platform dedicated to buying and selling all kinds of items, and within its categories is that of second-hand books. Wallapop is a website very easy to use, as it allows you to create your own ad with default templates in its mobile application, completely free of charge.

After creating your ad on Wallapop, interested buyers will send you private messages to finalize the purchase and shipping. After payment, Wallapop commits to send the items to the buyer’s address if you check the shipping option when posting your ad, this is a free and very safe service for both parties.

The best thing about this website is that it does not take any commissions from the sales of your articles, nor does it charge you for creating your ads, which means that you can keep all the money from your sales and keep publishing as many books as you want to sell.

4. Todocolección

Todocolección is a Spanish site dedicated to buying and selling books, collectibles, art and jewelry. It is a great place to sell your used books, especially if they are special editions or collectibles. On this site you can start posting your ads with photos and details for only an initial fee of 10 euros + VAT.

In Todocolección you can publish your ads with pictures, details and whatever you want to add about your books, you can add the price you want and start interacting with interested buyers. Once the purchase is finalized, Todocolección takes a small commission from it.

The positive thing about this website is that it has agreements with some shipping houses that offer their services for much lower prices than normal, so you can offer the shipping of your books to buyers through these services.

What do you think of these marketplaces, and are you ready to sell your used books?

If you want to sell other unused items from your home, here are some ideas.

Sell what you don’t use and make money fast!

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