Sell your collectibles and earn extra income

Collectibles are impressive or unusual items that have gained significant monetary value over time, often reminiscent of bygone eras or retro items. These types of objects were not special in the year of their production, but time and maintenance have made them true collector’s items.

If you have a few collectibles at home and want to earn extra money, we explain why selling your collectibles is the best option. Pay attention!

  1. Types of collectibles
  2. Rigorous maintenance
  3. Why sell your collectibles?

Types of collectibles

There are many types of collectibles that can give you a good sum of money if you decide to sell them, these are some of the most famous in auctions and collection markets:

  • Stamps: more than just an old hobby, stamps are still relevant and there are impressive collections of them all over the world. They still have great value.
  • Coins: coins from different countries and years are still relevant in the collection market, they are among the most collected objects in the world, especially because of their interesting materials.
  • Comics: comics are a gold mine for serious collectors as, if kept in good condition and handled with care, comics fetch impressive sums.
  • Collectible sports cards: sports cards are also one of the most collected objects in the world, they are extremely delicate, and like comics, they must be treated with care and stored in a place free of humidity. In this style of collectibles, Magic game cards are also highly acclaimed.
  • Toys and Dolls: the market for antique toys and dolls has always been one of the largest among collectibles as there is a lot of demand and there is a huge influx to fill it. These types of collections are usually numerous.
  • Vinyl Records: vinyl records are objects that will never go out of style, especially today, when people appreciate listening to the music of their favorite eras in its original format. Vinyl collections can be very valuable, but it all depends on the artist, as there are some that do not attract as much interest, and therefore are less valuable.
  • Fine wines: wines are much more than just a drink, they are a work of art, especially when their aromas and flavors mature over the years. For that reason, fine wine collections can be truly valuable.
  • Old cars: old and well-preserved cars are quite a wonder, and much more if you have several of them. These examples of the automotive world are very valuable, and the older and more preserved, the higher the price.
  • Jewels: jewelry collections usually have a hereditary character, since generations of families perpetuate their jewels and preserve them impeccably, thus the precious stones, gold and silver present in them gain greater value over time.
  • Art: works of art are worthy collector’s items, which summarize the artistic vision and techniques used for their creation. Today there are large art collections that are valued at millions of euros.

Rigorous maintenance

The maintenance of collectible objects is perhaps the biggest responsibility you have when you become a collector, since the value of each of the members of your collection depends on it. For that reason, maintaining a collection is a complicated and very detailed job, so that its value remains and can bring you enough money if you decide to sell it.

In the case of each collectible, its maintenance depends on the type of object, but most of them will be affected by solar incidence, humidity, water and lack of cleaning. Therefore, if you have a collection, large or small, and are thinking of selling your items, you need to keep this in mind.

If you’re someone who doesn’t have enough time to spend on your collections, or your prized collectible, you need to weigh whether it’s worth keeping, or if it’s just better to sell it. It all depends on what you want to do, but if you need quick money, selling your collectibles is the best option.

Why sell your collectibles?

As we mentioned earlier, collectibles are items that can fetch sky-high values, so if you are in dire need or want to get more extra cash, selling your collectibles is the next step.

If you have some collectibles today, it is because you surely made an effort to acquire them in the past, either as a hobby or because you saw an investment opportunity in them, regardless of the reason, it is true that if you abandon the care of your collectibles or if you keep them for too long, they could become obsolete and worthless, so from time to time it’s good to renew your collection and make room for other new members.

By selling a part of your collection, or at least a collectible, you will not lose your investment in them, but you will earn it back with a vengeance. On the other hand, if you allow your collectibles to deteriorate, or an accident to happen that can damage them, then you will lose all the money, time and effort you put into them.

Have you already decided to sell your collectibles to earn extra money?

If so, here are some amazing tips to do it.

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Sell what you don’t use and earn extra money!

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