The 4 best marketplaces to sell your collectibles

If you have already decided to sell your collectibles but you don’t know the ideal place to do it, we want to show you some of the best marketplaces to sell your collectibles in Europe and the world, so you can get some extra money quickly.

Get to know these marketplaces and choose the one that best suits you!

  1. Amazon
  2. Ebay
  3. Bonanza
  4. Etsy

1. Amazon

Amazon is the number one online shopping and sales website, and when it comes to selling antiques and collectibles, Amazon is not far behind, as it offers the service of selling collections to a wide variety of countries around the world.

This web platform works in a very simple way and accepts the publication of collectibles belonging to the categories of games and toys, home, books, music, electronics, musical instruments, and sport items. To start selling on Amazon you must choose between two plans, the individual plan and the professional one.

  • Individual Plan: This plan allows you to publish your articles by charging $0.99 for each sale made.
  • Professional Plan: Allows you to publish items and waives charges for items sold for $40 per month. You can also enjoy other tools to improve your online store.

2. Ebay

Ebay is perhaps one of the most recognized websites when it comes to antiques and collectibles, on its platform thousands of these articles are published per day, and it is the favorite of collectors to acquire all kinds of pieces, so if you publish on Ebay you will have a lot of visibility to other collectors.

Ebay has two types of put options, depending on whether you are a casual seller who plans to sell a few items, or a professional who has an extensive store of collectibles. These are the sales rates as applicable:

  • Private sellers: a sales commission of 11.5% of the total sale up to 2,000 euros is charged, and 2% on the total amount of the price if they exceed 2,000 euros in the sale.
  • Professional sellers: a sales commission of 9% is charged on the total amount of the sale up to 990 euros, and 2% of the total sales exceeding 990 euros.

The Ebay website offers a solid security system for sellers, especially when there are problems with payments or shipments, so the problems will be solved and you can proceed with the sale correctly.

3. Bonanza

Bonanza is a website dedicated to the purchase and sale of almost all kinds of items, garments, accessories, beauty, home, collectibles, bags, jewelry, and much more. This platform has reached different countries in Europe and is characterized by its facilities for the seller.

In Bonanza, you get a free trial period of 14 days, in which you can create free posts and try the platform tools. At the end of the trial period, you will only have to pay 22 euros per month and make all the publications you want. For each sale of your collectibles, Bonanza will take a commission of 3.5%, which is considered one of the lowest in terms of sales platforms.

This website is very useful since it allows you to create your own e-commerce sales page with free templates, in addition to having a connection with Google Ads, which helps you advertise your products, and therefore sell them sooner.

4. Etsy

Etsy is a web buying and selling platform present in some countries in Europe and America. This space allows the sale of collectibles of all types, in addition to good protection for the seller.

The peculiarity of Etsy is that all payments for the sales of your products are made through Paypal, this means that when you sell an item, Etsy charges a commission of 6.5% of the total plus the Paypal commission to transfer the money to your account. The positive thing about Etsy is that it does not charge a monthly fee, but charges $0.20 for publishing each product, this varies depending on the currency of the country where you are.

Etsy promotes your products through ads on Google, but you don’t have to pay anything for it, as it is included in the sale commission.

Have you decided on your ideal marketplace yet?

If you have already chosen your marketplace, we invite you to make your sale and get money for your collectibles.

Do you want more options of items you can sell to earn extra money? Here we show you some. Don’t miss them!

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