5 Tips for selling your used electronics

If you recently noticed that you do not use most of your electronics and you are planning to sell them, the best thing to do is to start step by step to achieve it. If you are having a tough time getting started and do not know how to do it, here we want to share with you some simple tips that will help you in your task of selling electronics that you do not use.

Pay attention and take the first step!

  1. Make an inventory
  2. Make sure they are working properly
  3. Set a fair price
  4. Take good pictures
  5. Publish them on an internet marketplace

1. Make an inventory

Before you start selling your electronics, you need to go through your home from top to bottom to make sure you include all the electronics that you and your family don’t use, as many times kids don’t use everything you buy them, so it’s a good idea to include what they don’t use.

Go through every room in your house and check in the drawers of every piece of furniture, most likely there is an old cell phone that you kept just in case when you bought a new one, if it is not obsolete it can still be very useful to earn some extra money.

It is also a clever idea to look around your kitchen, in case there is a small appliance that you do not use, such as a blender, mixer or food grinder that you have not used, you probably have a better one or you just don’t have the time to use it. Every electronic device counts!

2. Make sure they are working properly

Once you have created your inventory, it is time to start checking each of these electronics to confirm that they are still functional, it all depends on how long they have been stored and how much use you have given them in the past. If you have overused a device and it is no longer working properly, the idea is to dispose of it immediately, as it will not be wise to sell it.

Use your common sense to know which gadgets might work for someone to buy and use, and which ones just aren’t functional anymore, nor can they be put to any other use. Keep in mind that you should not sell something in very bad condition, or with hidden damage, it is not ideal, and you could be in trouble if you do.

In addition to confirming that each device is serviceable, you will need to check that they are not obsolete and that you have most of their accessories, as in the case of a cell phone, it should have a box with headphones, charger and any other components that originally came with it. This also applies to any appliance, such as electric fondue pots or air fryers.

3. Set a fair price

The price is key when it comes to selling the electronics you don’t use, and although it seems something simple, it is not at all, since you can’t just add any price that comes to your mind, it must have logic and will depend directly on the amount of use of the device, the state in which it is, and the year in which it was released to the market.

Some used electronics that are kept in good condition and were not used too much can get significant value, even if they were released about 5 years ago. The best thing to do is to assess each of these points on your electronics and compare them to others you see online, both new and used, so you will know what average price you can add.

Keep in mind that this valuation must be realistic and that you are never going to be able to recover the same money you invested in the electronics, this is only possible if the artifact is completely intact and unused, and even then, it would not be worth the same, there must be a limit.

4. Take good pictures

To start selling your electronics, you will need good pictures that you can add to the ads you create online, for this you will have to take into account some tips, so that your ad is eye-catching, and you can correctly show the product you want to sell. Check out these tips:

  • Take pictures in a horizontal arrangement.
  • Capture all angles of the electronics, as well as all pertinent details (box, instructions, cables, etc.).
  • Take the photographs in a sufficiently illuminated place.
  • Avoid other objects appearing in the background, this distracts attention from what you are trying to sell.
  • Be sure to show any small details or defects that the electronics may have. Honesty above all.
  • Thoroughly clean every part of the electronics and its components, they should look good in the pictures and when you deliver them to the buyer.

5. Publish them on an internet marketplace

Finally, to sell the electronics that you do not use, you must find a marketplace on the internet where you can publish them and start receiving purchase offers, there are currently many options of marketplaces where you can sell your electronics, and fortunately, they are one of the best-selling products on all platforms, due to the great interest in technology.

So, if you publish your electronics on these platforms, you can reach a larger number of people, and most likely many of them will be interested in buying them, so you will get extra money for the sale of each of the electronics that you do not use.

Do you want to know these marketplaces to sell your electronics? Here we present them to you.

Are you ready to sell what you do not use? You sure are!

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