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Yoga is a practice created to keep body and spirit in balance, a very beneficial activity for health and mind. Nowadays, more and more people practice yoga to exercise, meditate and relax from daily stress.

If you have seen the benefits of yoga and want others to know about it and practice it, you can become a yoga instructor and earn extra income monthly. Here’s how you can do it!

What does a yoga instructor do?


A yoga instructor is responsible for teaching and supporting people who want to practice yoga, whether to tone their bodies, relax or find their life’s balance. Instructors plan yoga routines that suit the level of clients’ flexibility and that work just for what they need, so they make a personalized routine for each client.

Yoga sessions can take place remotely or in person; the latter option is preferable, as the instructor can better correct the client’s posture to prevent them from hurting themselves or performing the exercises incorrectly. An in-person yoga session can be helpful since some yoga postures require a guide, so they should practice them together.

What do you need to become a yoga instructor?


To begin teaching the yoga practice, you will need to have a moderate level of knowledge and experience. Know the different types of disciplines and postures, as well as the purposes for which they serve, and master the correct breathing techniques to be able to teach your clients.

To be a yoga instructor, you don’t have to have a certification, but you should study enough and have a way to prove that you are a professional instructor; this will give you more credibility to do your job. Once you have learned all the basics of yoga and its different types, you should choose one or more types of yoga to specialize in, so you can focus on your area of expertise and help many people.

If you choose prenatal yoga, you must be certified to teach these classes. Pregnancy is a very delicate stage, and you must treat your clients with great care so that they can make the most of the yoga practice without something happening that could harm them or their children.

In addition to your knowledge, you will need comfortable and appropriate clothing for this practice, and a yoga mat, with which you can practice and teach the postures to your clients. If you do remote sessions, you will need a laptop or desktop computer with an internet connection to teach your classes from a distance.

How to become a yoga instructor?


If you want to start working as a yoga instructor in your spare time, these are the alternatives you can follow:

  • Advertise your services on social media. If you want to start giving yoga classes in your free time, you can start promoting your services or sessions on social media, preferably on Instagram; it is an ideal vehicle to attract customers and followers. For that, you should get advice from an expert in digital marketing, to have an impact on the media and get customers. In your profile, you can share your experience, rates for sessions, the type of yoga you practice, and your clients’ reviews. Remember to add a contact number or a way for clients to schedule classes with you.
  • Work at a local gym or wellness center. Some health and fitness places may hire you as a yoga instructor a few times a week, or even just provide the space for you to do group or individual classes. This will be very beneficial for you to find clients in your area and earn extra income in your spare time.
  • Record yoga class videos and upload them to paid apps. These are a great way to diversify your teaching methods and earn passive income. If you make some yoga class-specific videos and upload them to apps like MomoYoga, TeamUp, or Vagaro, your clients will buy the access to these videos and learn without you having to give them a remote or in-person class. However, you can’t depend only on this alternative since sometimes it won’t give you the best earnings. The idea is to combine this option with social media to get more followers, clients, and personalized classes.

Schedule and earning expectations


The yoga instructor’s schedule can change depending on how many classes you teach. That means you can distribute your time as you wish whether you teach remotely, in person, or at a facility. You will have the opportunity to choose the days of the week that do not interfere with your regular work, as well as the hours in which you have time to teach your classes. You will not have to worry about anything!

As for the earnings, those can also vary. It depends on how many classes you teach per month or what passive earnings you can get from the videos you upload to the yoga apps. But by the general measure, a yoga instructor can earn around €1,100 per month, with an average rate of €30 per hour of class.

Have you already decided to become a yoga instructor?

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