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There is an ideal extra job for those who enjoy driving on the streets of their city, and who have some extra time in which they can work and earn money easily. It is about the job of an Uber driver.

Here’s what you need to become an Uber driver and earn extra income every month. Pay attention!

What does it consist of?


The extra job as an Uber driver involves driving people to and from one point in the city to another. Although it may seem similar to a taxicab service, it is not, as it is a more advanced system where you communicate through Uber’s mobile app, get people to drive, and get ratings and payments based on your performance.

Uber drivers are part of an extensive network of the platform associated with their country and city, so there are many other drivers in the area, but people choose those who are closest to their location or who are in the area at the time.

What do you need?


To become an Uber driver you will need to be at least 18 years old and have a vehicle, which has four doors and is a 2006 model or newer. The car must work properly and be comfortable for your customers. In addition to needing a car, you must also have a current driver’s license, which certifies that you are qualified to drive your vehicle.

To work as an Uber driver you must have a smartphone where you download the Uber app. In it, you can record the routes you follow, communicate with customers and get ratings after each of your trips.

How to become an Uber driver?


If you decide to become an Uber driver, the first thing you must do is to make sure that all your circulation and vehicle ownership documents are in order, as well as your driver’s license and personal identification, since you must send these documents to Uber for them to approve your application to become a driver for their app.

After 2-3 days, Uber will confirm that you can be part of the team, and you will be able to detail the routes you will travel or the areas in which you will provide the service. Then you can start with your first services and get ratings, these will help you have more visibility in the application and more credibility for future customers who need your services.

Schedule and earnings expectations


The schedule of an Uber driver is very flexible since you will work only when you want or when you have time to do it, so you can combine it with your regular job and perform this activity in your free time, both on weekdays and weekends. You choose when to work!

As for the expected earnings, Uber drivers can earn a lot or little depending on the number of trips they take each month and the distance they cover. Payments are made at the end of each trip and are direct to your bank account. In general terms, Uber drivers can earn an average of €1,400 per month, which is quite substantial for an extra job.

Have you decided to become an Uber driver in your city?

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