The best 4 marketplaces to sell your car

Do you have a car you’re not using and want to get rid of, but you’re not sure how to do it? In this article, we will guide you through the best ways to sell your car online, so you can get extra money, instead of not using it and getting in the way of your garage.

There are many options when it comes to selling your car on the internet. You can use the big sales pages from all over Europe, or also local or specific pages in your country. It all depends on what works for you and what suits your situation.

Here we show you the best marketplace options to sell your car if you do not use it!

  1. Autoscout24
  4. Autotrader

1. Autoscout24

Autoscout24 is a web platform that operates in different countries of Europe, with more than 2 million offers of sales. This marketplace is one of the largest on the continent. It offers its clients options to buy and sell vehicles, as well as advice, consulting and financing for the purchase of vehicles and automobile insurance. All in one place!

Autoscout24 is the ideal place to sell your car if you feel like you no longer use it and you don’t want it to deteriorate without recovering your investment in it. This website offers two modalities to publish your car, one of them is free and allows you to place an ad with the details of your car and images for customers looking to visualize the product, in this modality you can add the price of your vehicle as you wish and process your sale.

Another modality is the direct sale to a professional, you can have your vehicle appraised for free and then, for a small price, Autoscout24 offers it to professionals for their purchase, organizing the entire process of procedures and payment in 48 hours.


This Spanish platform is the most famous in the country, with thousands of daily publications and many facilities for both the sale and the purchase of vehicles., like the previous page, offers the sale of your car in two possible ways:

  • Running an ad for free for 60 days, which can be easily renewed. In this modality you can publish and receive price suggestions for your car, you can also communicate directly with buyers and complete the process in your way.
  • Going to a professional appraisal, in which the same professionals offer to buy your vehicle quickly and without the need to spend money or time on procedures.

There is no doubt that this platform presents many facilities for car sellers, and offers many other security and protection options for the seller. It is one of the best in Spain.

3. is a website dedicated to the purchase and sale of used cars in 30 countries in Europe, with thousands of users and professionals ready to buy your vehicle. The sales process works much faster than the other platforms, since as soon as your car is published on the website, its sale is guaranteed in 24 hours, handling itself as a live auction. has a specialized system to help you evaluate your car and assign a price according to its condition, thanks to its mobile application, which guides the owner in each step. Once your car is evaluated, it is published in the 24-hour auction, which you can follow closely and see how many views and bids your car gets.

When you choose a buyer’s offer and decide to sell your car, takes care of the whole process, becoming your only point of contact and partner, handling the transaction immediately with the buyer and sending the money from the sale to your bank account. ensures a fast, safe and effective process.

4. Autotrader

Autotrader is one of the largest sites to sell your used car in the UK, with multiple features and benefits for sellers, as well as great options for buyers. Mainly, Autotrader offers two ways to sell your car:

  • The free mode has three simple steps; a free online evaluation of your vehicle, the creation of your ad and the logistical tracking of the sale of your car.
  • In another, slightly more specialized mode, Autotrader offers a much faster and more customized sale, providing personalized assistance and the possibility of selling your vehicle at the price you want within the allowed standards.

The best thing about Autotrader is that it operates with a very solid system of trust and security, with the support of its logistics team at all times, and with a backup that protects sellers from scams. They also offer informative articles to receive payments and protect you from any damage during the sale.

Are you ready to sell your unused car and get some extra income?

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