The 4 best marketplaces to sell your used musical instruments

If you have already decided to sell the musical instruments you do not use, but you do not know where you can sell them, here we show you the best European marketplaces options to do it from the comfort of your home.

Pick your favorite and make quick money selling the instruments you don’t use!

  1. Sounds Market
  2. Kidder
  3. Facebook Marketplace
  4. Reverb

1. Sounds Market

Sounds Market is a Spanish web platform that operates throughout the European Union, focusing on the purchase and sale of second-hand instruments, as well as DJ equipment and other technological elements for music and sound production.

This website is perfect for selling your used musical instruments, as it offers all the facilities you need to do it and you can publish a free sale ad, with all the details and photographs you like. When you sell on Sounds Market you will have a secure payment system, where you will receive your money 48 hours after the buyer receives the product.

The best thing about Sounds Market is that it has an internal shipping system, so you only have to pack the instrument you want to sell, and Sounds Market will send a driver to pick it up and then send it to the buyer’s home. Shipping is free for you as a seller, as the buyer is charged with it alongside the price of the instrument.

2. Kidder

Kidder is a UK website dedicated to the publication of used musical instruments, sports equipment, technology, and games for children, with the option to sell, buy, exchange, or donate these objects that you no longer use. If you have small musical instruments that belonged to your children, you can publish these articles in Kidder and access any of these options.

The website works with the publication of sales ads, here you can add some photos, and information about the instrument, as well as the details of use it has. If a buyer is interested, they will write you a private message to coordinate payment and delivery of the product.

Payments in Kidder are made through the Stripe system, where the buyer deposits the money, and is subsequently released to the seller. This system is entirely secure and offers protection to both parties to the agreement. When it comes to shipments, Kidder does not intervene at all, so it will be the decision of what the seller and buyer coordinate.

3. Facebook Marketplace

The Facebook marketplace service is a great option if you decide to sell the musical instruments you do not use, here you can create your publication with photos, information, price, and your location. In a brief time, you will receive comments with questions from interested buyers, or also direct messages to coordinate the type of payment that will be made.

The positive thing about the Facebook marketplace is that you can get buyers who are close to your area, so it won’t be so complicated to be able to send or arrange a meeting place for delivery.

The problem with this marketplace is that it can sometimes be a little insecure and there may be scams, since Facebook does not intervene in any way, it only offers a publishing and communication space between buyer and seller, so we recommend that you be alert when using this Facebook marketplace.

4. Reverb

Reverb is a web platform dedicated to the purchase and sale of second-hand musical instruments, as well as other sound and production equipment. This page works in several countries around the world for both buyers and sellers as it offers help and advice for making international and domestic shipments of musical instruments.

In Reverb you can create your ad and publish your musical instrument completely for free, adding images, details, price and what you want. If the sale of your instrument is concrete and successful, Reverb takes a commission of 7.7% of the total sale, so you will take 92.3% of the sale.

Have you already chosen your favorite marketplace to sell your second-hand musical instrument?

Now you just have to publish your instrument and you get extra money for it, so you will recover a part of your investment.

If you want to keep earning extra money, here we show you other ideas of items you can sell to achieve it.

Sell what you don’t use and get money fast!

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