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Today, styling is a necessary service to increase people’s self-esteem and make them feel comfortable with themselves. A stylist provides something key for every human being: personal hair care.

If you are a professional hairstylist or just starting in the world of styling, we want to show you how you can make extra money each month on top of your regular salary. Learn how you get the most out of your talents in your spare time. Pay attention!

What does a stylist do?


A stylist is a professional who takes care of the client’s hair, performing haircuts, blow-drying, styling for events, applying treatments, coloring, bleaching, and special washing to remove impurities from the scalp. Stylists can specialize in different types of styling, there are classic styles and others with a higher skill level for striking styles in line with fashion trends.

Stylists usually work in a salon, but they can also provide their services at home or by going to their client’s homes. Some stylists offer other types of services besides hair care, such as waxing and eyebrow shaping. On the other hand, barbers specialize in men’s hair and beard care.

What do you need to do this job?


To become a stylist or barber, you will need to have studied a course or workshop on styling to learn the necessary techniques for your job. Remember that this discipline is delicate because you are working with people’s hair, so you need to know what you are doing to perform it.

In a styling course, you will learn the different types of cuts and styles, how to handle scissors, combs, and brushes, how to dry the hair, what products to apply depending on the type of hair the client has, whether it is straight, wavy or curly. If you are interested in becoming a coloring stylist, take a course on the subject, and learn what steps to follow to color hair properly without damaging it excessively.

In addition to the knowledge you must have, you must always keep up to date with new trends, not only in hairstyles but also in new toxin-free products that you can use. It will ensure better protection for your client’s hair, and you will be up to date with new technologies to treat the hair.

On the other hand, your styling tools are the key since they will be the equipment you will use to cut and style your clients’ hair. Make sure you buy quality equipment, if it has a longer life span, you won’t have to replace it every few years. Furthermore, invest in a good hair dryer, diffuser, straightener, and curling iron, with them, you can make different styles and create special hairstyles for events.

In terms of products, you should have a basic kit for every hair type, including cleansers, stylers, and conditioners. You should also need styling gel, hairspray, bobby pins, hair ties, and clips. And if you do hair coloring and bleaching, you should need the products and tools required.

If you do hairstyles for special events, work with very particular styles; or if you are a professional colorist, create a portfolio with your previous work so that clients can appreciate your skills and ask for something similar when they hire your services.

How to work as a stylist?


There are some alternatives that you can take to start working as a stylist or barber:

  • Promote your services on social media. Today, social media is the best way to promote your business. You can create a profile where you share your experience, portfolio, services, and rates, and followers and clients will start to arrive. Be sure to add a contact method. We also recommend consulting with a digital marketing expert, and you will manage to position yourself above the competition. We suggest you prioritize Instagram as the social network for your business.
  • Offer your services to friends and acquaintances. Although it is an old-fashioned method, this way of getting customers never fails, as it will create a chain of recommendations if you perform a good service, this will lead to more and more customers and better opinions about what you do. Combining this method with social media, you will grow your business quickly. Remember to ask your clients to leave a review of your work on your social media or recommendation platforms.
  • Create a website and advertise your services in your locality. If you create a website with the help of a web developer or using the tools offered by Google My Business, you can create a page to show your services, experience, rates, and a contact form. With the help of a marketing expert, you will position yourself above other search engines for stylists and barbers in your area. You can add your profile to this search engine and ask your clients to leave reviews on your page, this will give you more credibility, and you will get many new clients.
  • Work at a local salon or barbershop. Even if you are looking for an extra job to fit in with your regular job, you can still be hired as a stylist or barber at a salon in your spare time. You can do this by talking to employers and creating a schedule that suits you, so you can go on certain days a week or a few hours a day to get extra income.

Schedule and earnings expectations


A stylist or barber’s work schedule depends on the number of services performed each week or month. If you are a stylist dedicated to hairstyling for events or parties, you will be hired on weekends when most events happen. However, if you work with any other type of styling, you will also have the opportunity to create your schedule and accept clients according to the hours you have free time. You decide your schedule!

The stylist or barber’s earnings can also change because it depends on the number of clients you can serve each month. However, in general measure, a stylist or barber can earn around 1.200€ per month. This amount can be more or less, as you will set the prices for your service or hours of work.

Are you ready to become a stylist or barber?

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