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If you work in a light activity at home or work remotely, surely you have felt that your day gives space to other extra activities that bring you additional income, you can work from home and become a pet sitter, taking care of animals and sharing quality time with them.

Today, many people are doing simple extra activities, which require minimal skills to get some extra money. Currently there are multiple options, but there is one of them that has become a remunerated job in recent years, it is taking care of pets from home.

If you love animals and want to know more about this extra job, read on!

For animal lovers


The extra job of a pet sitter consists of accommodating in your home animals whose owners are out of town or on vacation and need someone reliable to leave their furry ones with. This activity has become very important in recent years, because the famous “dog hotels” or boarding shelters are not the most comfortable or safe option for animals, and owners do not trust these places at all.

If you are anand you have also had some pets, you know how important it is for owners that their animals are with trustworthy people in this situation. For this reason, if you like to share with pets and you have already had the opportunity to take care of dogs, cats or other domestic animals, the job of pet sitter is the ideal one for you to earn extra income.

Get organized and think about your possibilities


Before applying as a pet sitter, the first thing you should do is get organized and think thoroughly about the possibilities for you to do this job, and although it may seem simple, there are certain important things you should consider before offering yourself as a pet sitter at home.

First of all, you must evaluate your home to know if it is a suitable space to receive pets, this not only refers to the amount of space you have, but also to the rules of the condominium (in case you live in an apartment), if the windows are safe to avoid accidents, if you have backyards or enough space to go for a walk with the animals, and if the people you live with agree with your decision to take care of pets.

Once you are sure that all these parameters are covered, you should think about your own pets (if you have them), think if they are calm and adaptable animals, that will feel comfortable with other animals entering their territory, or if on the contrary they have aggressive tendencies or are territorial with their spaces, if you notice that there is any strange behavior with your pets or you feel that this may stress them, it is preferable not to offer your home to take care of other animals for the moment.

In any case, we recommend you visit a veterinarian or a specialist in animal behavior to know what the right way is to introduce other animals in your home, and if it will finally be something recommendable or dangerous. Get informed!

Create your online proposal as a pet sitter


Now that you are informed about all the details you need to know before taking care of pets at home, it is time to apply as a pet sitter, for this you can enter multiple internet platforms to create your proposal, targeted to your city or country. You can also start in your community and create flyers where you offer your services among your neighbors to start gaining credibility.

When creating your pet sitter profile, we recommend you detail very well what type of pets you are willing to take care of, or with which you have more experience, it is also important that you highlight if you prefer to take care of young or elderly animals. Be sure to detail if you have pets, so clients will know if it is advisable to bring their animals to your home or not, as they will know if their pets behave well with other animals or if they tend to be aggressive.

Finally, you must add your pet care fees, you can divide it as you want, by weeks, by days or even by months, depending on how many possibilities you have to take care of animals for long periods of time or for short periods of time. You decide!

We recommend you review other profiles of more experienced pet sitters to guide you on the rates you can add, also look at the services they offer and consider whether you will be adding extra services beyond pet sitting, such as dog walking, bathing, and grooming services. Finally, keep in mind that the screening process for your proposal will take time, and you may not be hired until you have enough credibility. Be patient!

Receive pets at home


Once your proposal has been seen by enough clients, and you have been contacted to start your job as a pet sitter, you should get ready to prepare your home to receive the animals that will be under your care. The owners will oversee giving you all the instructions on how to take care of their furry pets; what are their habits, their favorite toys, their routines and the medications they should take (depending on each case).

Be sure to write down several phone numbers of the animals’ owners, so you can call them at any time if there is an emergency, or to report the condition of their pets while they are staying at your home. Another important point is to know which veterinary clinics are close to your home, if something happens you can take them immediately and call their owners. Prevention first!

At the end of the animal care term, you will surely be able to earn a good extra income, and as time goes by you will gain more credibility, which will result in more clients coming to you to take care of their pets. Do this extra work and earn enough income to invest as you wish.

Are you ready to get started with your extra work as an in-home pet sitter? If so, we invite you to get informed and get organized, you will surely get enough income and you will be able to share with amazing animals.

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Take control of your time and do an extra income-generating activity!

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