Generate passive income with your closet

If you are one of those girls who adore the accessories of the big fashion houses, surely your closet is full of a few pieces of great value. But like every fashionista girl, it’s time to revamp your closet and get new clothes that represent you and fit your style of the moment.

However, you know that the investment you made in your closet was important and it would not be ideal to lose a sum as high as that. Fortunately, there is an alternative that has gained popularity in recent years, and that has managed to save the investments made in fashion items, thus returning the value of the accessories to then invest in new ones.

Do you want to know about this interesting alternative? Read on.

  1. What are Pre-Loved accessories?
  2. The big luxury brands
  3. Generate profits with your accessories

What are Pre-Loved accessories?

As the name suggests, Pre-Loved accessories are pieces that have been previously worn on one or more occasions, but are in a good enough condition to be resold on the second-hand market.

It is worth noting that the most sought-after Pre-Loved accessories are not fast fashion garments (fast consumption and low quality fashion), but accessories from major brands in the fashion world, such as Chanel, Louis Vuitton, Hermès, Goyard and Rolex. So these pieces are iconic, hard to come by and highly valuable.

In general, Pre-Loved accessories must meet certain requirements before you contemplate selling them, because the most important thing is that they are in good condition and have not suffered any kind of breakage or irreparable damage that is too noticeable. And if it is a natural leather accessory, such as a Hermès bag, it is necessary that you have kept the leather away from moisture and risk of stains, only then can you get a higher sum when selling it.

The big luxury brands

It is indisputable that the fashion world is full of great houses that lead the scene, and that have represented a milestone in history with their revolutionary accessories and garments over time.

Nowadays, the fame of these fashion houses is growing, not only because of the rise of social networks and the distribution of their accessories in posts, but also because of the image of celebrities who enhance these pieces and set trends by using them in avant-garde combinations.

The publicity and fame added to the high demand with limited levels of production, is what makes the exclusive accessories to reach exorbitant values, not only in brand new condition, but also in Pre-Loved condition, this makes it possible for luxury items to be considered as safe investments in the long term. Click here to learn more about luxury investments.

For this reason, accessories and garments from fashion houses such as Louis Vuitton, Chanel, Hermès, Goyard and Rolex, are favorites in the luxury retail market and also in the Pre-Loved or Vintage sales market, making them key pieces to resell and regain the investment.

Generate profits with your accessories

If in your closet there are a few Pre-Loved luxury pieces that you have kept in good condition, and you want to recover your investment in them, your best option is to sell them in the second hand market of luxury accessories, for this there are multiple alternatives on websites and companies in charge of buying your Pre-Loved accessories.

When reselling the exclusive accessories that you no longer use, you can recover almost all the investment you made at the time of purchase, depending on the model of the piece, the year of manufacture, the good condition in which it has been preserved, and if it is a limited edition.

Most exclusive accessories tend to retain their value over time. Due to their fame and demand, Hermès handbags and Rolex watches are able to retain almost all of their initial value, even in Pre-Loved condition.

As an example, the value of Hermès Birkin bags has increased by 500% since their arrival on the market 41 years ago, and it is expected that in the next 10 years Birkin bags will double in value, meaning that if you bought one of them and want to resell it, you can get more than what you paid for it initially, which is definitely the perfect way to generate passive income with your accessories!

If you have ever purchased an exclusive accessory and it has not been used, keep in mind that the value of that accessory in a resale will be much higher than that of a Pre-Loved accessory, although it all depends on how well preserved it is and if you still have the purchase invoice and the box.

Are you ready to resell your Pre-Loved accessories? If so, you can read more about the process in this article.

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It’s time to make the most of your closet and recover your investments in a big way!

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