How to sell used luxury items

In recent times it has been proven that the investment and sale of luxury items is very profitable, this is because the vast majority of exclusive accessories are able to retain their value even after use, which means that they become investment jewels and that you can always generate passive income with them. But have you ever wondered how to sell used luxury items?

Used luxury items are pieces that have had little use and that have been kept mostly intact, this is the reason why they gain importance in the luxury resale market and can easily reach figures of thousands of euros.

If you have a few used luxury items in your wardrobe and want to sell them in the coming years, we show you how to sell used luxury items and what to expect when doing so. Pay attention!

Explore your closet


Before you begin to weigh the sell used luxury items, it is important that you take a look at your closet and take time to find out what items might be useful for the purpose of the resale. In general, most of the accessories of the big fashion houses are valid for this, but there are certain privileged brands above others, such as Hermès, Chanel, Rolex, Louis Vuitton, Goyard and Cartier. These fashion houses have greater relevance in the resale market and their accessories will be ideal to start with.

Within the optimal pieces for sale, you must think about which ones you are willing to let go, since there will be no room for sentimental value in the resale market, you need to be very sure of which accessories you will offer to generate profits and invest the money as you want.

Maintenance and authenticity tests


Another very important aspect of luxury resale, is that the accessories you decide to sell must be in a very good condition, they must be well preserved and rarely used. If you keep them in your closet without using them, it will be much better. This is considered necessary in Pre-Loved resale because the lower the use and deterioration, the more value the products get.

On the other hand, one of the positive features to sell used luxury items is that you still keep the purchase invoices, the box and additional items that originally came with the piece. This represents a guarantee that the accessory you want to sell is completely original and that it can be checked and tracked without problems, this offers a lot of confidence to those who will buy it and will also give you credibility for future sales.

If you have not kept the accessory box or you don’t have invoices from the official store that prove its authenticity, you must make sure to take your accessory to a store of the brand to confirm it’s authentic so you can be sure that your accessory is 100% original before sell used luxury items.

Sales alternatives


Once you decide to sell used luxury items, you can start the process. Today there are hundreds of luxury resale marketplaces dedicated to posting to sell used luxury items, however, these platforms tend to be a bit strict with the requirements for sale, and also take a fairly large commission to allow you a space to post your accessories. If this is inconvenient for you, then it won’t be the safest option for you to start reselling your accessories.

However, there are marketplaces dedicated to connect you to other luxury resellers that want to buy luxury products from you. If you want to start a handbag business from home and sell used luxury items, especially Hermès handbags, you can join this Hermès resellers community to start earning passive income by selling Hermès bags and investing in new ones.

The best thing about this Hermès’ resellers community is that you can also purchase new handbags from other professional resellers, so you can also obtain new handbags that you can sell in the future if you want to dedicate to luxury investments and sell used luxury items.

Luxury buying and resale


Once you have sell used luxury items, you will realize that it is a simple process and that you get a good amount of money, this can be very beneficial if you want to renew your wardrobe with new pieces and you intend to reinvest the funds you spent previously for this purpose.

Investing in luxury is always a good option to keep your money safe, as it remains contained in an piece that if you take good care of it, you can resell it within a few years and get a value similar to or even greater than what you invested. This is the case in most fashion house accessories, but it takes on more significance if you invest in Birkin or Kelly bags from the Hermès fashion brand, as they retain their value and can appreciate over time.

When you sell used luxury items, you can start buying other accessories such as Hermès bags, and then resell them to create a small fortune over the years. If you want to learn more about how to invest in luxury, click here.

Are you already determined to sell used luxury items? Surely yes!

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Take control of your earnings and take advantage of your used luxury items!

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